1-Arm Military Press // Exercise Snapshot

1-Arm Military Press Exercise Description

The 1-arm military press exercise is a classic test of strength for the upper-body that has a lot of carryover into other physical activities. It is a great muscle builder, burns fat and provides a platform for learning many strength principles.

1-Arm Military Press Steps

  1. Clean a kettlebell with a two-handed grip or perform a cheat clean. Press the kettlebell strictly overhead to lockout with one arm. Lower to the chest safely, pause and press again.
  2. In the rack position (in one hand close to chest and shoulder), the fist must be below the chin level.
  3. The kettlebell should pause in the rack and top position.
  4. Press with the knees locked and with no back hyperextension.
  5. Keep the quads, glutes and midsection tight.
  6. The torso may lean slightly sideways but the lean may not increase during the press.
  7. The shoulder stays packed
  8. Do not hyperextend the wrist, keep it straight.
  9. Forcefully exhale on the way up

1- Arm Military Press

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