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A 21-Day Workout and Eating Plan

A 21-Day Eating and Workout Plan

Are you looking to change up your workout plan? Confused about how you should be eating? Have you already tried all the diets and still seem to not get any results?

Try this plan for 21-days.  It’s not a quick fix, diet, or workout program promising to work.  It’s simply a way to start eating foods that you should be eating and suggested workouts I have found to work well for many.

Approaching your fat loss and strength goals in this way may be less extreme, and so, less exciting but it is much more sustainable.  To make it even easier, try adding in just one new healthy food and workout at a time until you have mastered them and then add another.

Perform each of these workouts just ONCE per week.

Full-Body Strength Training Workout

1A Farmers Carry: 3 X 40 Meters
1B 1/2 Turkish Get-Up: 3 X 3 Ea. Side

2A 1-Arm Kettlebell Military Press: 3 X 8 Each
2B Goblet Squat: 3 X 8
2C TRX Inverted Row: 3 X 8
2D Front Plank Reach: 3 X 8 Each

Kettlebell Complex (With one kettlebell)

10 Two Hand Swings
8 Goblet Squats
6 One-Arm Cleans Each Arm
4 One-Arm Military Press Each Arm
10 Two-Hand Swings
2 Minute Rest and Repeat

Beginner: 2 Rounds
Intermediate: 4 Rounds
Advanced: 6 Rounds

Cardio Circuit (Bike/Row/Ski/Run)

1-Mile Airdyne Bike
500 Meter Row
500 Meter Ski Erg (can row instead)
Run 1/2 Mile

Beginner: 1 Round
Intermediate: 2 Rounds
Advanced: 3 Rounds

Bodyweight Met-Con That Can Be Done Anywhere

30 Air Squats
20 Mountain Climbers Ea. Side
30 Jumping Jacks
20 Push-Ups
30 Lunges (15 Per Side)
20 Plank Taps
30 Air Squats
20 Burpees

Repeat for 3 total rounds. Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds.

Bodyweight Met-Con from State of Fitness on Vimeo.

Dumbbell Complex (with two dumbbells)

8 Squat, Curl, Push Press
8 Bent Over Rows
8 Reverse Lunges Ea. Leg
8 Single Leg Deadlifts Ea. Leg
8 Push-Ups
2 Minute Rest and Repeat

Beginner: 2 Rounds
Intermediate: 4 Rounds
Advanced: 6 Rounds

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