3 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Doing Sports Performance Academy This Summer

      I have been involved with sports for a very long time.  As a former Division I athlete, and now strength coach/personal trainer I have been a part of, and witnessed many athletes work hard to pave their way into competing at the collegiate and professional level.  What I have learned from my experiences is that there are no special tournaments or camps that decide the fate of an athlete. Why am I bringing this up? Because I see many parents today being misled by coaches and camp organizers as they are being told that their son or daughter needs to be at this tournament or this camp in order to get exposure to college coaches. The truth is that a 5 day camp or premier tournament is not going to change an athlete.

What I am saying is this: as a parent you can go ahead and spend the thousands of dollars for traveling and registration fees for big name camps or tournaments, but if you think that is going to land a scholarship for your son or daughter, you’re being misled.  Don’t get me wrong, the tournaments and camps can help aid the process, but your son or daughter is going to land a scholarship by working hard in the off season in the weight room and on the practice field. The hours spent practicing are the hours that build the character and discipline needed to succeed as an athlete. The bottom line is this: If your son or daughter does not absolutely love hard work and love their sport, the chances of them succeeding at that sport are low.

The Sports Performance Academy (SPA) at State of Fitness started in 2010. The classes were started by SPA logogym owner Justin Grinnell so that middle school, high school, college and even professional athletes could have a place to train during the off season, in season and pre-season. The academy has now grown to non-athletes as well that are looking to gain athletic improvements and confidence. Since the academy began, there has been an enormous amount of success with the athletes.  State of Fitness has produced several league and state champions, and many of our athletes are now competing at the collegiate and professional level. There are big plans for the SPA program this summer. Here are 3 reasons why your kids should join our program.

1.)   Injury prevention

One of the reasons why strength and conditioning exists is injury prevention. By building muscle and cardiovascular endurance, athletes can help prevent the injuries that occur while playing their sport. At State 2013-02-08 03.49.46of Fitness, we use scientific knowledge to carefully design our programs. We not only focus on building strength/power, but we also focus a lot on injury prevention.  In every workout, our athletes go through a dynamic warm up, followed by 3 or 4 corrective exercises that help prevent any injuries that can occur on and off the playing field.  To add to our effective programming, we also have a certified athletic trainer on our staff, Rebecca Klinger, who can help athletes who are recovering from a previous injury.

2.)   The facilities

The outdoor/indoor facilities at State of Fitness are exceptional. Indoors we have everything any athlete needs and more including 4 full size Olympic racks, 25 yards of indoor turf, kettle bells, TRX straps, battle ropes etc. This brings a lot of variety to workouts. One of the best parts of the facilities is that everything we do indoors, we can do outdoors as well. At State of Fitness, athletes can take a step away from the boring, stuffy gyms that they spent all winter in, and get a great workout in while being outside in the fresh air!

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3.)   The atmosphere

As an athlete you always want to surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher. As I previously mentioned, State of Fitness has produced a lot of successful athletes who now compete at the collegiate and professional level.  Many of those collegiate athletes come back and spend their summers training with us at State of Fitness.  This creates a very competitive and motivating environment for any athlete. At State of Fitness, your kids will not only be more motivated, but they can also learn from athletes who are competing at the highest levels in their sport.

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For more on SPA click here.

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