7 Tips To Stay Lean and Healthy This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year where we all get a little comfortable with overeating when at various holiday functions. I am one of those people, so I understand how hard it can be to stay motivated during this time to stay lean and not let my cravings get the best of me.

You don’t have to gain weight during this time. You can indulge at your holiday parties and not feel guilty about it IF you follow some simple guidelines. Try these tips to keep your weight and health in check this holiday season. Let’s end 2016 in good health and start 2017 off on track.

Tip #1 – Make your primary beverage water – This may seem simple, but there are a lot of tasty beverages around during the holiday season. Egg Nog and various alcoholic beverages come to mind. Go ahead and have a couple, just remember to drink gobs of water, 90% of the time.

imageTip #2 – Get a Super Shake in each day – Providing your body with quality nutrients is always a must.
Making a super shake each day can be your insurance policy for getting some key nutrients each day. A good quality protein source, such as grass-fed whey protein, healthy fats like fish oil and coconut oil, and a greenfood supplement like Vitamineral Greens will provide your body with the fuel it needs to be in a healthy fat-burning, muscle building state.

Trip #3 -Try Intermittent Fasting – This can come in handy when you know you are going to be attending an event that day. By performing the Lean Gains method (16-hour fast/ 8-hour feed), or the Warrior Diet (20-hour fast/4-hour feed), you rev up your fat burning hormones, reduce your window of calorie consumption and reduce hunger. This is perfect for you, men. For women, make sure you do not fast too much and too often. Smaller fasts such as 8-12 hours and NO snacking in between meals may be a better option.

12265782_10208148957584685_1589758139773989130_oTip #4 – Perform metabolic conditioning workouts – By adding in some extra conditioning, or shifting your training to more of a fat-loss phase, you increase your bodies ability to burn calories after exercises. Instead of skipping your conditioning portion of your workout, add an extra conditioning circuit after a Yoga session, walk, run, or whatever you like to do for exercise.

Here is an example workout:

3 rounds of

  • 300 meter on the Concept 2 Rower
  • 20 Kettlebell Swings
  • 10 Burpees

Don’t mistake this for thinking that you can out-exercise your bad eating. I am simply implying that you can do some extra met con work in order to keep your metabolism up.

Tip #5 – Don’t eat something just because it’s in your face – I have no doubt that you will run into someone trying to force food down your throat, even if you know you don’t like that particular food. If you are worried about hurting their feelings, don’t worry. It’s your body, not theirs. Stick to eating foods that you know you enjoy and avoid the unwanted calories.

imageTip #6 – Stay Positive – During this time of year, many of us fall prey to the “all or nothing” attitude. We anxiously wait for the holidays to be over and start our new health and fitness plan after the ball drops on January 1. Instead, stay positive about your health and fitness during this time. Start your new eating and exercise plan before the New Year comes. Enjoy the special days and eat well 90% of the time. Don’t fall off the wagon and eat everything bad only to see that you gained 5-10 pounds during the holidays.

Tip #7 – Hire a Coach – The number one fitness trend for 2016, according to surveys, is to hire a health and fitness coach. Don’t wait until January 10th to do this. Instead, find and meet with a coach before the New Year, and develop a strategy to improve your health and fitness.

Happy Holidays!



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