Weekend Warrior Workout: Strongman Edition

Weekend Warrior Workout

Makeshift Strongman/Strongwomen

You may never plan to compete in such an event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some of the moves they do! Carrying and moving heavy objects along with putting heavy stuff above your head makes an awesome workout for the weekend!

Put 20-minutes on the clock and see how many times you can do this circuit with good form!

25-meter Sled push or drag —- put on enough weight where 25-meters is difficult.

Farmer Carry (dumbbells or kettlebells) —- for women, use a total weight of 50-75% body weight and men 75-100% body weight.

5 reps Double Kettlebell or dumbbell ground-to-overhead.  Use a weight where 5 reps or so is doable but difficult. Start with the bells on the floor and clean them to your chest then press them above the head and repeat.

Rest as needed, 1-2 minutes or so may be needed between exercises.

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