8 Components to Better Health

The fitness industry is changing fast. The old  school bodybuilding workouts and hours of endurance building cardio workouts are no longer optimal for today’s world. No one has 90 minutes a day to perform long, drawn out weight training and cardio workouts. Our lifestyles are just too busy! We must train harder and smarter, not longer. We can no longer perform solely machine strength training and boring steady state cardio routines. Our lifestyles are much different now. As a population we are moving less, sitting more, and are far too busy. Problems such as injuries, pain, fatigue, and obesity are higher than ever.   The modern individual really needs to consider many components when starting to take care of themselves.

Below I have briefly stated the components to build your foundation to health.

  • Mobility, Activation and Movement Preparation: activate muscles, stretch tight muscles and improve movement. Getting the body to move properly through a multiple plane environment.
  • Preventative/Corrective Exercise: To help correct or prevent existing and previous injuries such as the hip, knee, and shoulder injuries. Implementing some basic strategies to make the body resilient and free of pain and injury.
  • Elasticity/Reactive: We need to develop power and speed in ALL populations. Power is lost faster than strength — let’s develop it through sound training practices.
  • Core Training: This is your foundational centerpiece. Forget the core training that you learned when you first started working out. Performing crunches and using machines will not get it done. Today’s core training is about stabilization and dynamic stabilization — not thousands of crunches in an “ab class”.
  • Metabolic Training aka: Interval Training: 21st Century cardio – the ability to do higher levels of work – and sustain that output over time — not just the ability to work at a level where you can “hold a conversation”. This is a high effort, gets the job done and saves lots of time! This I promise you will be sure to burn lots of fat and get you in great condition!
  • Regeneration: If you have a training strategy – you need a recovery and regeneration strategy. Life is too demanding to just assume that coming to the gym is the only key to get results. Foam rolling and self-massage is like magic! Stretching the muscle to increase its length is very important as well. Our muscles get shortened and tight, and all knotted up. Doesn’t it sound like we need to take care of that? Don’t forget days off and sleep!
  • Strength/Resistance Training: Still the most important part of a program- but we need to focus on function and real world strength – not necessarily isolation of individual muscle groups. Science has shown that a higher frequency exposure to training each body part and a multiple exposure to rep ranges outperforms the old-fashioned “once a week, three sets of ten” approach for today’s individual.
  • Nutrition: This is by far the hardest part of an individual’s program and competes as the most important part. There are so many diets and supplements out there that promise to help you lose weight and feel great. Ah, yes, the magic pill. The quick and easy way to lose weight. Well, all of that is non-sense! The truth is that losing weight and feeling great is never easy. It is a lifestyle that takes patience and hard work. I won’t be showing you the next best diet, or the easiest way to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks. I will simply be showing you the best way to implement healthy eating into your daily life.

Check out the video below for a dynamic warm-up that will start your workout off right:

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