• National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Facilities Manager


What do you love about SOF/What does SOF mean to you?

State of fitness brings a small-town atmosphere to a big city. Everyone knows and supports one another, and there’s a real sense of community here. It is an environment centered around growth, mentally and physically whether you’re a trainer or a member. When I shadowed my first session here at SOF, it truly felt like I was at home!


Terrance, Terry, A-A-ron 



My girlfriend Nicole, 3 legged dog Bo, and 2 cats Oliver and Co.


Favorite Exercise

The mace 360 or kettlebell snatch 


Least Favorite Exercise

Nordic ham curl – they hurt so good 


Who do you look up to and why?

I would have to say my Dad and step Mom. They have taught me the most about mindset, hard work, and determination, and how to treat people in this world. They are both very hard-working and genuinely happy individuals. They have also been great role models on how to have healthy relationships seeing as how I did not have that when I was growing up. 


Favorite healthy meal/snack

Steak and eggs with a side of dates stuffed with grass-fed butter!


Guilty Indulgence

Pizza, Taco Bell, and cigars

What do you do when you are not whipping people into shape?

I love being outdoors. Walking, camping, skateboarding, hunting, or riding four wheelers/snowmobiles. I also love working out with my girlfriend at the gym or in the backyard with all our animals. I cherish my time with friends and family as well!


Favorite Quote

“You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky



Aaron has worked in a number of industries through out his life from retail, to dabbling in construction- two things remained constant his work ethic and natural people skills. Aaron has also always had an interest in fitness but not as a career. In 2022 he met a trainer from Crunch Fitness who got him his first job as a personal trainer. He fell in love with the industry along with the act of helping people and making a genuine impact on the lives of many. Everything worked out great for Aaron for the first 6 months, but he soon began to realize the difficulties of being a trainer at a big box gym, nor was he built for the corporate lifestyle. But from there he began networking with people in the industry, which led him to Chris Johnson and Justin Grinnell. An opportunity arose at State of Fitness as an intern where Justin took him under his wing which led to becoming their newest trainer. 

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