Achieving Your Goal: Climbing the Mountain

Achieving Your Goal: Climbing the Mountain

Oftentimes, when weight loss and fitness goals require big changes the end goal can seem daunting and damn near impossible. We stand at the foot of the proverbial mountain and stare up at it in disbelief. It’s hard to imagine the view from the top.
Success seems to favor very few. But here’s a key factor in making your long-term goals a reality.

Fall in love with the journey.

When your goal is further than a few days away, don’t think of the end result and every step that must be taken. Often, this overwhelms us and fills us with doubt.

Instead, think of only today.

Even simpler than that, think of the choice right in front of you and then step you are taking right at this minute.  If the choice you are making right at this very second does not align with your goal, adjust accordingly. Remember, success in fat loss and strength gains is a result of every single choice made.  Successful people have blinders on.  Every part of their life aligns with their goals and desires.

If this seems daunting, it is because you are looking at the long road ahead.  Take each day as it comes and always keep your goal at the forefront of your mind.

No one climbs a mountain alone.  

Remember, most of your circle will not have the same goal. This journey will be easier when you have others on the path with you. Some may be there periodically for support.  Some may appear just when you need help the most.  And a select few will be with you from the very start to the end.  This select few may involve your spouse, your trainers, your fitness community.  Find your fellow travelers and support them as you would like to be supported. Accountability is one of the tools in your backpack that you’ll need every day.

Fitness goals are never easy to achieve. Ask anyone who has ever achieved a big fitness goal.  They are simple in principle but require vigilance and commitment to come to fruition.  So again, remember to take it one choice and one minute at a time.  Every single small choice matters.  Every choice you make either takes you closer to your goal or further from it.

Think of how it feels to crush today’s workout. Remember that sense of confidence you get every time you walk out of the gym. Take pride in your progress when you notice yard work and carrying in the groceries has become much easier. Take pride every time you prepare fresh, whole foods for yourself and your family. And be patient when you have a setback and couldn’t make it to the gym one day, or ate less than stellar meals.

Understand that mistakes are part of the journey, but love this journey enough to pick yourself up and keep moving towards the top of that proverbial mountain every time until you reach the top. The view from the top really is worth the climb.




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