Recipe of the Month: Parmesan Spinach Cakes

Boy, does it feel like forever since we last met over pancakes!  Alas, through the glorious weather that we found ourselves enjoying this March, we meet again to take an adventure with spinach and parmesan in mini-cake form.

This one was a fun little experiment.  I was so excited to make this recipe because I love spinach, and ever since the Portobello recipe, I have loved ricotta, not to mention that I recognized ALL of the ingredients and either had them or knew exactly where in the aisles of Meijer they were housed.  I felt victorious just by reading this recipe…things can change so quickly between the aisle and the kitchen, though.  I should note that I was also making the soup recipe off of the weekly newsletter at the same time, so within minutes it appeared that a bomb had gone off in my kitchen.

The hardest part of this whole extravaganza for me was finely chopping the spinach in the food processor (which, the only reason I have access to a food processor is because my roommate is awesome and owns all the cool kitchen gadgets).  The recipe says that you can do the spinach in about 3 batches. I did about 8, and still struggled (maybe ours is just a little food processor?).  And other than the 3 ounces I’m sure I got on the counter, the end product looked rather professional if I may say so myself.

The rest was extremely easy from here on out.  Mix, combine, divide, and cook.

At the end of 20 minutes, they came out of the oven sizzling with a bright green, and I mean neon, Chicago River at St. Patrick’s day green, substance seeping out onto the muffin tin.  I felt like I had discovered the secret of the ooze! (If you get that reference, well done).  But please let me know, dear reader, if you as well produced this substance, because if not, I may have concocted radioactivity in my oven, which I don’t count out of the realm of possibilities.

Sadly, I did not get a finished product picture.  I had been cooking for way longer than I had predicted and was starving!  My apologies, but just take my word for it that it looked glorious and it was one hell of a presentation :).

Paul thoroughly enjoyed them, and even heated them up and ate them on a bagel the next morning for breakfast.  I personally still tasted way too much egg, and will up my cheese input next time, but still enjoyed them.

You can find the full recipe at

Next month, I will be really stretching my talents in the kitchen with Mozzarella-Stuffed Turkey Burgers.  I may try to do an improv Portobello version for myself.  Pray for me!

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