Attention, Ladies! Let’s Talk Gym Attire.

For all of the women in the gym, one of my goals is to help you feel empowered, strong, and even sexy. As women, we can juggle many things, especially all of you moms out there. You have children that you care for (and maybe a husband), you work, you clean and cook (maybe), you are in charge of a big home schedule, you get to the gym and you try to make healthy life choices.


Those are very important daily events. My job, at the gym, can help give you the strength, mentally and physically, to perform these tasks with more ease, a clear head, and the muscle to #getstuffdone. While our workouts matter the most, our attire can significantly make or break it. Your clothes need to move with you, not against you. While we love that you are feeling good, sexy and strong, we need you to keep some things left to the imagination.


For the top-heavy women, some of us female trainers may be quite jealous that you are well endowed while we look like 12-year-old girls that haven’t hit puberty yet (I’m not salty or anything). But with that, we don’t want your nungas popping out during the workout. Most of you know by now that we require a wide range of activities to keep you at your best, whether they include jumping, bounding, bending over, lifting up, etc. In order to do those things without having your male trainer look away every time you perform one of these activities, you should be covering the girls.


For our flat-chested ladies. I understand that we have a lot of power because we don’t have the feminine bumps that others do but that does not give us the right to disregard our need to support and cover. I personally wear a lot of tank tops that have built in bras. Most work great, others show that you literally are just hanging there, maybe even showing a little sideboob action. Please still wear a bra or a supportive top that holds your petite kahunas in their proper position.


Test: While wearing a top that you are unsure of, do some jumping jacks in it, bend over for a bent over row, do a plank or a couple of burpees. After doing that, are your ta-tas popping out? If so, maybe you need a more ‘harnessing’ brassiere, a tank top with a higher neck or a T-shirt.




  • Enell Sports, sizes 32C-52DD, $64-$66,

These puppies aren’t going anywhere.

  • Lululemon’s ta-ta tamer ($58)
  • The Armour Bra by Under Armour ($57.99)


  • A regular T-shirt
  • Athleta’s Renew Racerback Tank ($44), it has a fun, high neckline.
  • MSP by Miraclesuit High Neck Tank from Nordstrom Rack ($15.97)


For the women that love their midsection, I want you to feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini or tankini while at the beach, not inside the gym. Going outside to work out with your shirt off is a different story; I’m talking about in the gym, in a group class, rolling around on the floor. People get uncomfortable in the gym when people are exposing too much skin. This is not a Britney Spears music video; wear clothes that cover you. High-rise pants can be the magical item to cover that in between space. As I say, belly button or bust, I love my high-rise pants. (Options at the end.)


Test: If you raise your arms over your head and you can see your belly button, you need a longer shirt.


For the women that love to show off their lower half, we love strong legs and a strong, muscular booty. It can be an amazing asset to show off your hard work. But there comes a time when those shorts are just a bit too revealing and it’s not always the back that’s revealing too much…if you know what I mean.


Again, you know by now that we are swinging bells, jumping rope, stretching, and quite literally spreading our legs during a lot of exercises. Spidermans don’t need to be an awkward exercise, nor do 3-way hamstring stretches, but they easily can be made that way if your shorts now look like a bikini bottom and we can tell you missed your latest bikini wax.


Test: Do some squats, jumping jacks, spidermans, bear crawl. Are your shorts or pants riding up in the front or back? Are you looking ‘cheeky’ at all? If so, you need longer shorts and/or more fitting pants.



  • Victoria’s Secret workout pants (either regular or high rise) These babies stay in place and give a nice amount of compression
  • Tracker Short from Lululemon. I’m a fan of the 4” inseam or longer on shorts, mainly because my inner thighs overlap like a venn diagram.
  • Under Armour UA Authentic Compression Short ($25)

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