Bringing Training Back to the Basics

    Countless times I have been asked for my opinion regarding fancy exercises people find in magazines and fitness books that bring a sense of inappropriate appeal to them. “Hand stand cable biceps curls with abdominal crunch,” is a bit of an over exaggerated example of exercises that may seem fun, cool and totally rad! It’s more entertaining to watch people attempt such exercises, than actually do them. It boggles my mind that people would think these exercises would be beneficial and a good use of their time. The problem with fad like exercises is that they aren’t always the most appropriate for specific goals and more than likely aren’t worth your time.

          I can admit I have fallen victim to the claims of magazine exercise fads. “Grow an inch in your arms in one day!” This claim will always hold humor with my cousin and me. We were CONVINCED that this ridiculous claim was legitimate and our Sunday morning was dedicated to doing countless biceps curls and triceps extensions until our arms were close from detaching from our shoulders.

When I say “bringing training back to the basics,” I mean keeping training simple with old school and basic lifts. Basic lifts that include front squats, deadlifts, presses, rows and loaded carries. I have been at my strongest when my time spent in the gym has been focused primarily on these basic exercises. I have been able to muscularly take my body to new limits dedicating my time to mastering these lifts. While “wow factor” exercises from magazines look appealing, I have had the best results with keeping things simple with these basic lifts.

My personal experience has been able to shine light on the importance of keeping training basic with basic lifts. They reap great benefits and are more than likely better worth your time than fad like exercises that may seem appealing in magazines and articles. While I can not guarantee you won’t have as much fun keeping programs basic, I can guarantee that you will see results with the exercises that have been around for the longest.



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