Consistency Trumps Intensity, Every Time


When scrolling through Facebook at any given moment, advertisements about a new “super supplement” and the next best workout program for all your trouble areas will undoubtedly be part of the feed. The constant flow of unfeasible diet plans and extreme workout programs that simply don’t work for the majority of the population results in confusion and increased obesity rates. The “go hard or go home” mentality may be good at times or for some situations, but going hard all the time is not a recipe for optimal health. Consistency is the key to sustainable weight loss,  muscle growth/maintenance, and overall health.


There are many pitfalls in taking the “go hard or go home” training mentality 100% of the time. Those looking for weight loss often default to the “more” mentality when it comes to reaching goals. More cardio. More squats. Even more gym time. More calorie restriction. But if not careful, “more” can lead to overtraining, injury, and illness.

While injury, is the worst side effects of going too hard all of the time, not maintaining consistency will impact results significantly. Consistency is the biggest determinant of long-term health.

Intensity is for the Short Term

There will be a time and a place for intense exercise and tough diets. However, it is not necessary all the time to make progress.

Maintaining a fitness schedule trumps everything. It trumps a super lean body after killing it in some 6-week challenge only to quit for 6 months. It trumps them all in 30-day whole food diet that is often followed by pizza on days 31-40. Consistency is the biggest determinant of long-term health.

Paleo, vegan, whatever, if small changes aren’t taken one at a time and maintained consistently, old habits will come back.consistency over intensity

To truly achieve and maintain the body you desire, consistency should always be part of the equation.

Why only commit to a 3-month gym membership? What happens in 4 months then? Commit for life to some form of exercise!  That means staying consistent and not worrying about intensity, duration and the amount of working out that you do.

Those that maintain their weight, keep exercise in the picture for the long haul. There may be a few days, even a week or two without, but the consistency mindset remains.

compund effect
    Great read!

I recently listened to a great audiobook called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, the owner of Success Magazine. Hardy talks about how successful people in all facets of life do not make drastic changes. They do not have the “go hard or go home” mentality and do not quit on a goal if they are not successful after a 6-week program. Instead, success happens when one focuses on one goal at a time.


Don’t question that short workout; they all count! The all or nothing, let’s kill this workout/diet plan isn’t the answer. Long-term success begins and ends with consistency.

Looking for guidance on creating consistent behaviors? We can help jumpstart your success, one habit at a time.


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