Devan’s Story: Jackson State of Fitness

Devan’s Story
We like to highlight personal experiences from our members to share struggles, fears, overcoming obstacles, and the confidence that can be gained by 30 seconds of sheer courage.  This is Devan’s Story.

I joined Jackson State of Fitness (JSOF) in December 2015. I’d previously been a member at other gyms and had done some weight lifting on my own, but my main motivation for joining this time around was to feel better about what I saw on the scale. I was at my heaviest at that time and just wanted to get smaller. Through JSOF I learned that it’s not all about the numbers on the scale. I feel more confident about my body than I ever have before, even though that number isn’t much lower. Also, I now know to not care so much about the scale (though it has its place) but instead to recognize my abilities. I can do a lot of my day to day tasks much easier because I work out at JSOF.

When I Originally Joined

I was a little leery about what the fitness classes would be like. I thought it would be weird to work out with my coworkers. At first the the only reason I would go to class was to work out with my mom, who joined with me at the time. My misconceptions were quickly corrected. JSOF is amazing. It wasn’t weird to workout with my coworkers and it’s actually improved my working relationships across the company. I’ve made friends through these classes and feel comfortable branching out. I honestly look forward to every morning workout. The other members in class are always encouraging and never judge if you don’t really know how to do something. Everyone is kind, caring, and inclusive to anyone that’s brave enough to come to class. The trainers make the workouts difficult while also keeping them fun.

For Anyone That’s on the Fence About Joining,

In summary, I would say to just try it out. There are so many things in life that start off a little scary but can have the biggest impact if you just give it a try. Joining JSOF is definitely one of those things. I’m so thankful that I joined the gym. I will continue to praise JSOF and continue to attend the classes. I hope that others find the same enjoyment that I have from JSOF!

Devan Walworth
Proud member of 7:15 crew

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