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Everybody Should Be Swinging!

Get your thoughts out of the gutter people! I am talking about swinging kettlebells!!

The kettlebell has just recently received a lot of attention from fitness experts as one of the fastest ways to burn fat. While to many, the kettlebell may seem like a new fad in the fitness industry, however, it is, in fact, one of the oldest pieces of equipment used for exercise. There are many theories of how this strange piece of equipment became a tool for exercises, the first recorded use of the kettlebell was by the Russians in 1704.

It has been proven that the more muscles a specific exercise activate, the more calories from fat you will burn. The movements from a kettlebell swing, in fact, stimulate some of the largest muscles in the body including the glutes, hamstrings, and majority of the core. There are many benefits from kettlebell training that not only include rapidly burning fat but also improved agility and coordination, development of explosive power, endurance, strong core, and the list goes on. Now with this in mind, why aren’t we all swinging?

The swing is the foundational movement which is incorporated in almost all other kettlebell exercises. In order to perfect your kettlebell training, the foundational swing should be addressed first.

Here are 10 great tips to perfect your kettlebell swing

  1.  Push the hips back, not down. In other words, hinge/pivot around the hips instead of squatting down.
  2.  Keep the lower back flat, never arch.
  3.  Keep the shoulders down by activating your back muscles
  4.  Swing to chest height with loose elbows.
  5.  Keep the kettlebell tucked in as close to the body as possible at the bottom of the swing.
  6.  Tighten the butt as you push the hips forward.
  7.  Do not drive the knees forward. Instead, drive through the hips in order to not rely on the lower back.
  8.  Keep tension in the abs at the top of the swing.
  9.  Be patient, getting a perfect swing takes time and cant be mastered upon first swinging session
  10.  Have fun! You are using lots of muscles, burning lots of calories and getting your cardio work in while you build strength. All of this while avoiding a boring treadmill or bike, now that’s fun!

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