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Kettlebell Swing // Exercise Snapshot

The kettlebell swing is the foundation of kettlebell training. It dramatically improves one’s performance in most sports, ranging from running to powerlifting. It helps improve cardiovascular conditioning, power output, burns fat and builds muscle. The swing is your one-stop shop to improve almost all fitness qualities.


Be sure to not lift with the arms as the power to propel the kettlebell will come from the hip hinge, hip pop while contracting the abs and glutes and proper hike. This is a FAST exercise, not a slow one. Be powerful!

Back neutral, neck slightly extended or neutral (1)


Since the kettlebell swing is a complex exercise to learn and master, click HERE for a short video that breaks down the details!

Do you want to learn how to master the kettlebell swing and other kettlebell exercises? Drop us a note so we can help!

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