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Fat Burning and Muscle Building Tips 

 This is a super short post just to get you thinking. No magic here, just some fat loss fundamentals that we believe in here at SOF. My suggestion is to choose one (1) of these that you are struggling with the most and get after it for a few weeks. You will be surprised at how just focusing on one of these tips can change the way you feel and look in just a few short weeks!

  1. Focus on local and when possible, organic produce. Choose grass-fed meats, organic eggs and poultry and wild-caught fish for protein sources.
  2. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. This will help with digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients and keep you from overeating.
  3. Don’t focus on calories, grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats when reading a food label. Focus on the ingredient list instead. Quality first, then focus on the quantity of the food. There may be good times to track calories and macronutrients but first master the 7 steps above.
  4. Don’t be afraid of eating fat. Many healthy fats, such as coconut, olive oil, avocados, nuts and seeds, grass-fed meats, organic eggs and wild-caught fish provide you with fats that help increase the metabolism, burn fat and keep you satisfied.
  5. Eat the right types of carbohydrates. Foods such as root vegetables (beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots, onions), potatoes (sweet, white, purple, redskin), squash, jasmine and basmati rice are high-quality sources of carbohydrates that provide fiber, tons of phytonutrients (plant particles) and sustained energy.
  6. Choose grains wisely and eat sparingly. Sprouted grain bread, quinoa, and steel cut oats are your best options. Fruit such as berries, apples, and pears should be consumed 1-3 times a day for optimal health and fat burning.
  7. Drink gobs of water and eliminate calorie-containing beverages. Tea and coffee have wonderful benefits and can be part of the SOF nutrition protocol but just make sure to get your water in.

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