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Finding A Way To Get Motivated


Motivation, defined by the dictionary:

The reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.


The general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Motivation doesn’t mean the same for everyone though. While finding the desire or reasons to find motivation can actually be difficult for many of us. It doesn’t matter if it is health, work, or family related, motivation is not so clear-cut nor does it just magically appear.  It must be cultivated. Thankfully, stepping up to the plate and challenging yourself is one of the best ways to create motivation and accomplish your goals, whether they’re in the gym, in the boardroom, or elsewhere. Sometimes it just takes a little grit, along with finding your WHY.

When trying to find your WHY, it will take a sprinkle of desire, willingness, particular reason, and just plain old grit to get the job done. The best way to find out how to find your own particular motivational factors, I encourage people to grab a pen and pad of paper and jot some thoughts down.

  1. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Whenever I feel myself getting complacent or losing motivation I know it’s time to step up to the plate and do something simply because I don’t want to. You should get out of your comfort zone and conquer things that you may not think that you are capable of. It could be anything from fixing the sink at your house, speaking in front of a group, or joining a gym.

As author Joseph Campbell says, “the treasure you seek is in the cave you fear to enter.” In other words, face down fear. Do what you fear to do to simply for the reason that you need to do it to get to the next step.
When you step up to the plate and get out of your comfort zone, you’ll find your inner voice saying: ”if I can do this, I can do anything.”

2. Surround Yourself With Liked-Minded People

You must surround yourself with success if you want to stay motivated to push yourself a little bit. In the gym, surround yourself with people who are consistent, positive, and there to help improve their health. A good workout environment can go a long way. The same with your profession. Get to conferences, join leadership groups and spend time with people who are one-step-ahead of you. This will help

3. Give Yourself A Deadline And Put It Out There

Many goals are not met because there is no definitive end point. If you do not have an ending date for your goal, motivation will most likely not be there. Think of bills you have, a project due at work, or a paper due at school. These are all examples of endpoints that you need to meet or else the bill collector, boss, or teacher will have to give you a consequence. Many of us do well with these type of deadlines since we see the consequence if we don’t meet that deadline. But when it comes to our personal things, we don’t hold it in as high regard.

So, let’s take a personal example. You want to eat more vegetables. You choose processed carbs over vegetables and since no one is holding you accountable and no one really knows that you tend to gravitate to processed carbs over veggies, your motivation is not too high.

Here is what you can do. Find a friend and tell them that you are going to eat 3 fistfuls of veggies each day. Tell them that you will send them a picture each time via text when you do eat a fistful of veggies. But before you do this, give them a $50-$100 bill. If you do not reach 90% adherence, they get to donate the $50 to the charity. This is just one example that I have seen work. It’s a win-win in my book. If you don’t stay motivated to eat your veggies, at least a charity gets a boost.

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