“Finish Him!” Finishers Done Right

If you have been part of a workout at State of Fitness I am sure you know what I am talking about implementing a finisher at the end of your workout. The part of your workout where your done with the planned workout that you had for the day and all that you have left to do is drink your protein shake, shower and get on with your day. But if you truly are in the gym to get results, you need to add a finisher. I am talking about a one or two set of all out intensity exercise where you dig deep and find that last little bit of energy to finish one last thing for the day.

What I love about finishers is that not only do they provide your training regimen with a higher amount of volume, but also a finisher can truly test your mental capabilities. A finisher can be vital for a high school or college athlete because it helps add some artificial adversity to help athletes grow mentally through strength training. These do not need to be long or complex exercises, in fact a finisher should take no longer than 3 minutes of your time.

Here are three examples of finishers that if done correctly can surely give you a swift kick in the butt!

Prowler Push

Set up a prowler with a weight that can be used for a sprint. Do not load the prowler up with a weight where you can barely push the sled. Set 1:00 minute on our new digital clock at SOF or use any timer and push the sled back and forth for the ENTIRE minute! If you had a sufficient leg work out before doing this then you should easily be feeling the burn in your legs within seconds! Challenge yourself and try to get three 1:00 minute rounds with 1:00 min of rest in between rounds.

2 Minute Leg Press Challenge

This is a finisher that is sure to get your legs burning whether or not you worked your upper or lower body. What I like about this finisher is that it can be accommodating if you have any upper body injuries such as a shoulder injury or if you want to stay away from loading your thoracic spine.

Set up a leg press machine with 70% of the weight you would use for 10 repetitions. So if you use 300 lbs. for 10 repetitions load the machine with 210 lbs. and get ready to rock! Start the clock and try to get as many reps (using good form!) as possible in 2 minutes. Try your best to not set the weight down at any time in the 2 minute period and keep your legs working the entire time!!

30-20-10 Battling Ropes Finisher
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPZdZ90ue9E&w=560&h=315] If done with the right intensity, you should be feeling the burn from this finisher within: 30 seconds! The main thing with this exercise is to move at an uncomfortable pace!!

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