Fitness Blogs: Whom Do You Trust?

Not all fitness blogs are created equal. Just like not all fitness professionals are created equal. I was recently reading a blog by Marianne from myomytv and my blood pressure began to rise. Marianne hit directly on a massive trigger point of mine. The fact that there are so many unqualified, “financially ambitious” people out there labeling themselves as fitness gurus really ticks me off.

Therefore, in combination with some helpful hints from Marianne, I would like to make some additional suggestions for what to look for when determining who’s fitness blog, article, or advice you are going to trust.

Quality fitness professionals will have a degree in a field related to health and fitness. One of the first things I do before even reading a blog is identify the author. A credible fitness blogger will have some kind of link so you can read there “resume” if you will. Most true fitness gurus are highlighted on a website and you can read all about them, their background, their programs, and even their facility. “…they share their information with other fellow fitness bloggers: they are not jealous of their viewers, they are not scared to extend their knowledge to other fellow trainers, and are not ashamed to ask for advice if necessary.” Quality fitness professionals continually want to learn and share. You can often find them on facebook and follow all of the different summits, workshops, courses, and seminars they are attending.

Quality fitness professionals will cite scientific resources to support the information they are expounding to you. I am not saying that one’s own experience or anecdotal information is completely without worth. However, what I am saying is if you are reading an article or blog because you are searching for evidence based, researched information, then that blog or article had better be citing specific research sources. I really don’t have a problem with some posting what they did to gain 5 inches of muscle mass on their quads. They just need to be more careful about the audience they are targeting and representing themselves truthfully.

There is actually an “academy” that allows a person to get a personal training certification in six weeks. Are you SERIOUS! So someone who has no real knowledge of human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, injury or illness phases, or nutrition, but just loves to work out can be called a certified personal trainer? It’s like trusting someone who has watched a neurosurgeon remove a brain tumor for six weeks to take out your brain tumor. With a bachelor’s degree in health and exercise science, a master’s degree in kinesiology, and athletic training certification, a personal training certification (that required more that six weeks), as well as 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industries, I can assure you, there is more to guiding people through their journey to health and wellness than having a cute outfit, fabulous hair, and an engaging personality. This is your health and wellness people. Get your health and wellness information from a properly educated, highly qualified, and properly certified fitness professional.

At State of Fitness, my partner Justin Grinnell and I require all of our personal training coaches to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field. As a highly qualified and dedicated staff, we continually follow high quality blogs and articles from Ben Bruno, Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey, and many more. Additionally, our staff will continue to write blogs that have the science behind them because you are worth it!

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