Get on the Ground: Weekend Warrior Workout

steveGround Work for Natural Movement

The society we all live in can make it hard to move like our bodies were made to. Restoring natural human movement is on the rise as it has been shown to have many wonderful benefits. Increased mobility, flexibility, core strength and reduce pain just to name a few. Improve your ability to get up and down off the ground, crawl and walk this weekend. Your body will thank you!

Get on The Ground And Get It Done!
  • Turkish Get-up 5 each side
  • Bear Crawl 40-meters
  • Turkish Get-up 4 each side
  • Bear Crawl 40-meters
  • Turkish Get-up 3 each side
  • Bear Crawl 40-meters
  • Turkish Get-up 2 each side
  • Bear Crawl 40-meters
  • Turkish Get-up 1 each side
  • Bear Crawl 40-Meters

Finish the workout with either a brisk walk for 5-10 minutes and call it a day.

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