Music for Motivation- Get Pumped!

Having a hard time focusing and staying motivated during a demanding workout? Feeling like you are at a plateau and need an extra push?

Regardless of your situation, the next time you workout try throwing in some earbuds and crank up the volume! This creative distraction has been proven to have both psychological and physiological effects.  Music can be used to block out external distractions enabling you to focus and concentrate more efficiently during your workouts. Listening to music can also have increased sympathetic nervous system stimulation which can increase heart rate and muscle tension. Studies suggest that music increases a person’s level of motivation which ultimately effects ones level of performance.

Everyone has different tastes in music and different genres of music will have different effects with different people. However, for the most part, faster paced music will generally have a strong effect on the listener. Below are sample rock and techno songs to add into the mix for your next workout.


  • Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne
  • Cat Scratch Fever-Ted Nugent
  • The Real Me-The Who
  • Enter the Sandman-Metallica
  • We Will Rock You-Queen
  • Thunderstruck-AC/DC
  • Another One Bites The Dust-Queen
  • Live Wire-Motley Crue
  • The Boys are Back in Town-Thin Lizzy
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana
  • Rockin’ in the Free World- Neil Young


  • Around the World-Daft Punk
  • Better Off Alone-Alice Deejay
  • Around the World-ATC
  • Pina Colada Boy-Baby Alice
  • Clap Your Hands-Rev-Players
  • I Think of You-Alex-Megane
  • Ievas Polka-Loituma
  • The True Sound-Basshunter
  • Pump Faster-Power

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