Goblet Squat // Exercise Snapshot

Exercise Snapshot: Goblet Squat 

Goblet Squat Snapshot


Goblet Squat Description 

The goblet squat is an incredible exercise that was popularized by legendary strength coach, Dan John. The goblet squat is an extremely valuable and functional exercise because we all need to squat in some way, shape or form each day. You can lose the ability to squat as you age, which can hinder you from performing some of the most basic daily tasks. Performing just the basic bodyweight squat requires a lot of good movement to happen for it to even take place. You need good foot mechanics, ankle mobility, strong quadriceps, good hip mobility, functional glute contraction, strong lumbar erectors, lumbopelvic stability, strong thoracic extenders and some good coordination to put this all together in one movement. As you can see, there is a lot that goes into a squatting pattern.



Goblet Squat Steps 

  1. Use a dumbbell or kettlebell and tuck it into the upper chest.
  2. Keep your elbows in tight.
  3. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with a 0-30 degrees of foot flare.
  4. Pull yourself down into the squat slowly.
  5. Push your knees out to the sides and have your elbows track inside the knees.
  6. Push all the weight of your body through the heals.
  7. Keep your chest up and stand up.

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