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Okay…it’s been a while since I have given you some straight talk.  While there are some good green powders available, there is really no substitute for fresh leafy greens.  As a personal trainer, I hear all kinds of reasons and excuses for not eating your greens (and veggies in general).  “I don’t like vegetables.”  “I don’t know what vegetables I should eat.”  “I am too busy.”  “I am not sure how to prepare them.”   Enough already.  The truth is, leafy greens must be part of your daily nutrition if you want to lose weight, improve your blood lipid levels, increase muscle mass, get stronger, increase your energy, or improve your overall health.  In the deepest part of your core, you know that I am right, so stop resisting it and get your greens.  It does not matter if you have the greatest genetics in the world; we all need our leafy greens to truly be healthy.  And if you are not blessed with wonderful genetics, what are you waiting for?  There are just too many fabulous nutrients packed in there that you will not get anywhere else.  The trillions of cells in your body will love you for it, and they will pay you back by functioning more efficiently.

So to give you a little jumpstart into incorporating greens into your diet, I thought I would share Bonnie’s Basic Green Monster Smoothie recipe.  I am also going to break down how I prepare this for the week.  In general, I prepare most of my food for Monday through Friday on Sunday and put it in the refrigerator.  This is part of my plan what you eat, eat what you plan method.  It also saves on time.  The same applies for the Green Monster Smoothie.  So here it is step by step:

  • Decide how many Green Monster Smoothies I will have for the week and buy the appropriate groceries.
  • Refrigerator Ziplocs:
    • 2 handfuls (2 cups) kale, baby spinach leaves, or Swiss chard (stems removed)
    • 1 small  apple
    • 1 small carrot cut in chunks
    • Freezer Ziploc 1:
      • ½ frozen banana chunks (4-5 pieces)
      • ½ cup total of frozen strawberries and raspberries
      • 4 drops coconut extract
      •  ¼ tsp stevia
      • 1 tsp Xagave
      • 1/8 tsp cinnamon
    • Freezer Ziploc 2:
      • ½ frozen banana chunks (4-5 pieces)
      • ½ cup total of frozen pineapple and mango
      • 4 drops of rum extract
      • ¼ tsp stevia
      • 1 tsp Xagave
      • 1/8 tsp cinnamon
    • Preparation instructions:
      • In a blender, put either:  a) ¾ cup water + 1 scoop protein powder  (Gold Standard whey is what I use)
      • Add the refrigerator Ziploc contents  (be sure to core and slide the apple)
      • Add the freezer Ziploc contents of your choice
      • Pulse the blender to begin the blending before you turn on high
      • You may decide to add 1 TBS of ground flax seeds
      • You may also decide to add some ice cubes if you would like a smoother, colder smoothie.
      • Pour in to a big glass and enjoy J  Fresh is best, but you can keep refrigerated up to 3 days.

So there you have it.  A solution to incorporating leafy greens into your diet that is simple, fast, and tasty.

Now your friends and family will be Green With Envy because you are getting so healthy, looking great, and feeling your best.

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