Gym Etiquette

There is etiquette in everything we do. We can choose to behave in a high manner, be conscious of ourselves, and others around us, clean up after ourselves, and leave things better than we left them. Again, with everything we do there is certain etiquette. Well, besides eating BBQ ribs; there is no proper etiquette in that.

As much as a gym is like a play place for adults, there are rules to abide by. Sometimes these rules are posted, sometimes they are unspoken; it doesn’t matter if they are written or not, they are expected, and most are required. Unless, you want to give everyone the impression that were raised by behemoths and you only care about yourself. (Read: home gym)

So let’s get down to some proper rules of the gym:

1.     One shall re-rack their equipment to where it belongs, not on whatever spot is available (KBs, DBs, Plates, etc).

2.     One shall not eat on the gym floor, nor drink a beverage that is not water or a drink for lifting.

3.     ONE SHALL WIPE THEIR SWEAT OFF OF EQUIPMENT. That includes benches, weights, kettlebells, TRX straps, plates, turf, rowers, etc. Interns, trainers, and other members are not responsible for your bodily fluids.

4.     One shall respect others space and maintain adequate distance while one is lifting.

5.     One shall not bump into another while the other is lifting.

6.     One shall not drop their weights excessively.

7.     One shall not hog equipment during peak gym/training hours.

8.     One shall not claim the platform, squat rack, both sides of the cable column for more than 20 minutes during peak gym/training hours.

9.     One shall perform isolation exercises elsewhere besides in-demand equipment (squat racks, bench press, platforms).

10.  One shall offer others to work in if they are waiting for equipment when appropriate.

11.  One shall return weights and adjustments to the previous settings when a lifter allows you to work in with them.

12.  One shall not talk excessively to others or leave their ‘space’ for long periods of time when others are waiting for that piece of equipment.

13.  One shall maintain adequate personal hygiene. Take a shower, wash your clothes, put on deodorant.

14.  One shall not utilize busy walkways/training space to engage in exercises that take up a lot of space. Example: walking barbell lunges, farmers carries, etc.

15.  One shall not grunt/moan/whine excessively nor scream when lifting.

16.  One shall wear appropriate clothing while training, making sure all private parts are covered.

17.  One shall not ask another person a question when that person is about to lift or are lifting heavy weight.

18.  One shall learn the basics of spotting, never over-rely on a spotter not capable, tell your spotter what your goal is (sets, reps, when you want help, etc).

19.  One shall use chalk when necessary but avoid making a mess.

20.  One shall use the same type of plate when lifting.

21.  One shall attempt to learn proper form when lifting and avoid going beyond your capabilities.


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