H20 and Go!


Throughout my day, many clients tell me about how they have a difficult time getting in the necessary amount of water. We have all struggled, or continue to struggle with, getting in our minimum of amount of water per day. Everyone’s water needs are different; on average, the amount of water you should consume per day is your weight divided by 2 in ounces. For people who are underweight or very overweight, this water level may not be ideal.

For me, that would be 75 ounces, but since I move and talk a lot at work I tend to drink more than that. This number is individual and you might have to experiment to try and figure out what is best for you. Up until about 2 years ago, I was not drinking enough water. After consistently consuming 60-90 ounces of water per day, I noticed many positive changes in my lifestyle. I now have more energy, I no longer get random headaches, and my skin looks much more hydrated. Below are a few of the strategies I use to get my 60+ ounces of water in per day.


I have 2 favorite water bottles that I always carry with me. My Swell bottle is 17 ounces and keeps cold liquids cold for 24 hours, and hot img_3771liquids hot for twelve. It is tall and slender and easy for travel. My other bottle is a 25 ounce Jax shaker bottle that I keep full of water at all times so I can hydrate or use it for protein, BCAAS, creatine, etc. It is super convenient to carry around with me and it is dishwasher safe (let’s be honest, no one likes dishes that aren’t dishwasher friendly). My goal each day is to drink 2 full bottles of each one, so at the very minimum, I consume 84 ounces a day. Now my system may not work for you, but having a favorite water bottle to carry around with you makes consuming water that much easier.

  • ATTAINABLE goals

When first starting out increasing water intake, we need to make goals that are attainable for ourselves. If someone currently only drinks 20 ounces per day, 60 ounces is unattainable. Maybe start with 30 ounces and increase by 10 ounces every week. Everyone is in a different place with this lifestyle habit so you need to individualize your goals and expectations.

  • Too much sugar

I used to drink a lot of juice, lemonade, and other sugary drinks; after drinking mostly water every day those drinks hurt my stomach and give me sores on my mouth because there is just too much sugar. I gradually began replacing those sugary drinks with water. Whether your drink of choice is juice, pop, beer, or wine, try and replace one of those drinks a day with 10 ounces of water.

  • screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-5-24-52-pmEat and drink together.

I am a ‘3 meals a day’ kind of girl, so with each meal I drink 10 ounces of water. This helps slow down my eating (because one of my other problems is that I eat waaaay too fast) and it tricks my stomach into thinking I am fuller sooner so that I don’t eat too much at one time


The key to getting in all of that water is to remember you need it and to keep drinking it on repeat! We can’t keep forgetting to drink water. Our body needs it! To help me remember to bring my water for the day I wash out my water bottles and refill them the night before and put them in the fridge so that they are cold and refreshing in the morning. To help me repeatedly drink more water I try to always fill my bottle the second I finish it. We are much more likely to drink more water when it is readily accessible. Other options include setting reminders on your phone or drinking 8 ounces at the top of every hour.

Did you guys see what I did up there? The first letter of each tip spells out W-A-T-E-R!! 🙂

**Just a little side note here: WATER is the only thing that counts as water. Crystal Light put in water, Gatorade, Perrier, and other flavored waters DO NOT constitute water. Keep it simple and H2O and GO!

No better time to start on your health then NOW!

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