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Healthy Home Habits

Right now, during the quarantine, it is easy to give in to poor lifestyle choices. Cravings, Netflix binging, and not much physical activity are always a temptation. This is a situation where we can corner ourselves into thinking that we will get to it eventually or that we can always start tomorrow. I figure we could put our own spin on this and take this opportunity to take a hard look at what habits we have when we are home.

When we come to the gym, we know we are going to be in and out in about an hour. We have a start and endpoint for the workout. The truth is that you still have about 12 hours or more in the day! We only get to see you all for about an hour in the day, but the rest of your life happens at work and at home. We may not fully acknowledge some of the habits we have formed at home. It is easy to sit down and snack while watching TV and suddenly eat a whole bag of chips. It is hard to keep track of all the snacks in the house with kids and grandkids. And if you are a craft beer lover like me, it is always tempting to try the brand-new IPA up on the shelf!

All these obstacles may be getting in the way of health goals or quality of life goals. So, I propose that we all look at what we have been doing during this time. Think about your goals and see if you are still working towards them in a healthy way. Spending so much time at home gives us a unique opportunity to see what we do when challenged with staying indoors. Have we been eating more? What kinds of foods did we buy to stock up? Have you been cooking more? What kinds of ingredients have you picked up? Have we been late-night snacking? How many times a week do we workout? All these questions are a starting point for analyzing what we do at home.

For me, habits or rituals help to keep myself in check. I have a morning routine that involves drinking my greens and taking my fish oil first thing in the morning. After doing this for so long I no longer have to really think about it, it just happens out of habit. That is the key. Establishing certain times or actions for things to be done and continuing the process until it becomes second nature. I have my set days that I know I am going to exercise.

Usually, if I get dressed for working out, it will happen. Because of the quarantine, my new mental indicator is taking my amino energy. If I do this, I know I am going to get a workout in. When I go shopping, I still make sure I do not go out with an empty stomach. I also carry around the food chart that Justin made that helps to remind me what I should be shopping for. Shopping in the middle to upper tiers is a positive for me!

Remember, we have a lot of information online for you! From recipes and health tips to online workouts currently! Just because we aren’t open at the gym doesn’t mean you cannot contact us for consultations via Facebook Live, or video chat! I challenge you to look at some healthy habits you have and figure out how you made that change. I also want you to look at several things you may want to improve upon. Come up with a game plan to make some change and contact a trainer so we can help!

Overall, this isn’t the ideal situation for health and fitness, but we are finding new ways to interact and stay sane. While we are at home let’s make the most out of it and focus on some positive changes! Hopefully, after this is all over, we can look back and say we came out of this stronger and more resilient!

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