I Like To Tailgate, But…

i-like-to-tailgate-but-blog%2fpinterest-10%2f20%2f16Football season is officially here and if you are like me you enjoy going out with friends to a tailgate in preparation to the game. This usually poses a problem for those of us that try to remain healthy and stay away from excessive bad food and drink choices. I hear this all the time from clients “I do really well…during the week.” For most of you, that is great and I applaud the effort it takes to maintain the “majority of the week” attitude. However, for some of you that are having trouble losing that last 5-10 pounds, those weekend inscreen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-40-18-amdulgences could be hindering your progress. Below are 3 great tips to help you have some self-control while not being a social outcast.


It is ridiculous for me to expect people to be doing jumping jacks and burpees while at a tailgate and that is not what I am saying. At most tailgates, there are games that are available to play whether that be corn hole, ladder ball, spike ball (my personal favorite), or just throwing around the pigskin. This will take you away from the buffet line and get you moving. The more time you spend keeping yourself busy, the less likely you are to sit and eat.

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-36-09-amTip 2: SUPPLY THE FOOD

If you are not the one hosting the tailgate, offer to be the person who supplies some of the food. Even if you do not supply all of the food, bringing a healthy option means that you have something to turn to if all else goes awry. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that your healthy option might be a big hit at most tailgates. Take a look at our recipes in the blog!


screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-31-20-amFor those of you who enjoy the occasional adult beverage, this can be a good fix to over-drinking. In my own personal experience, I have found that having to constantly get a refill or grab another beer deters me from over drinking. If you bring a smaller container it will make you more conscious of exactly how much you have had to drink.

Tailgating is by far one of my favorite things about the fall season and I am writing this blog from personal experience. We all struggle with areas in our life but if we can find ways to still enjoy our time with friends while not being an outcast it makes our journey to a healthy lifestyle much more attainable. These three tips are a great way to make small changes that will make a big impact in the long run.

Tailgate season will be over soon and that means more time to workout! Come try us for 30-days and see what we are all about!
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