If the bar ain’t bending…quit pretending!

If you are a frequent State of Fitness gym junkie then I can guarantee you have heard me harping on members for using weight a small child could rep out. One of the best parts of my job is being able to see the surprising joy knowing they were able to do something they have never thought possible.  “If the bar ain’t bending then quit pretending” is a goofy way to explain the point I am trying to get across. Lift heavy. That’s it.

When I say lift heavy I don’t mean jump and grab the heaviest weight you can find, but rather adopt it as a training philosophy. Start with baby steps and first learn the movement. If you take the time to learn the proper form and technique for big lift movements, you will be able to take your training to great new heights. I can personally attest to the importance of that last statement.  Young and eager to impress my schoolmates, I injured myself several times trying to push around WAY too much weight. Learn from my mistakes and take time to  how to preform correct movement patterns. Once you can preform a set rep range with good form, grab something heavier and continue this repeat this process.

If you want to get stronger then it is imperative that you continue to challenge yourself with heavier loads. Never be be content with a “comfortable” set. The one thing I hear quite frequently is people saying they want to get stronger but when I watch them workout are always set on a high rep range using the same weight for months on end. Strength gains come for a low rep range with high resistance. So my advice to you is not to feel like you have to always get those 10 reps. Grab something heavier that only allows you to get six reps, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this and will reap strength benefits.

So the next time you go the gym challenge yourself and if you’ve been using 40 lbs. grab the 45’s and don’t feel like there is something wrong with having to drop your reps. If the bar ain’t bending then quit pretending!

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