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Just Show Up

Just Show Up

I was talking with a member the other day and they brought up how they were struggling to get into the gym. When I heard this I quickly said thank you for coming in today! I didn’t know why they were struggling.  One can guess that they had many reasons why it was so hard to commit to getting in at least three days a week. But…

Sometimes just showing up is good enough for today. 

Another member I was talking to asked me if I felt they were working hard enough to achieve their goals. They went on to ask me if they should be going up in weight on certain lifts, row a little faster, or come in 6-days a week. (They were only coming in 2-3 days a week)

While I did give them some tips on what they should do, I ended the conversation with…

Sometimes just showing up is the best workout. 

Our team at SOF strives to say thank you to those that we see come in every day. We realize that walking in the door for their session that day may be even harder than the session they will partake in. 

We also don’t have unrealistic measures on how someone should perform in the gym. Sure, we do push people to work hard. We want our members to go beyond what they think they are capable of at times. But we also get it. Not every day is a PR day. Not many people can recover from lifting weights and doing burpees 6-days a week.

What we can do is take the person exactly as they are right now. We can guide them to an intensity level that best fits them right now.  And choose not to hold them to the intensity level they were in high school or before they had kids and so on.

The only thing that you really need to do is just show up at the gym.

Don’t worry about what program you are doing, how much cardio you need to get in, or if you are going to hit your deadlift PR that day. Yes, those all can be great measures of success in the gym but they are not the markers of what your long-term health will become.

What will be a marker is if you just show up, as much as you can, and don’t give up on showing up.

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