Keeping To Your Routine During Busy Times

imageWith the holidays right around the corner, many of us will be traveling quite a bit. We will also be presented with some obstacles to stay on our eating and fitness routine. For those of you who travel year-round, you are constantly trying to balance out your eating and find a way to get a workout in.

Over the years, I have found that the holidays and traveling are two of the biggest obstacles when trying to stay on a proper routine. Time management is probably the number one reason why people have a tough time sticking to a routine. Are these excuses not to stay healthy, get your workouts in and not gravitate to eating junk out of convenience? YES! Now, I know what you are thinking; it is very hard to stick to a routine due to time, the holidays, and all the time constraints put on us these days. Well, here is what I have to say.

You will always be busy. The holidays come every year, and at some point during the course of the year, you will have to travel. These are just obstacles that you need to plan for. You don’t need to obsess about sticking to your routine, you just need to prioritize.

If you make it a priority to get some good food in your body, travel with the proper gear, and carve just 21-minutes to move each day, all the travel, holiday eating, and time constraints won’t beat up your routine so badly.

Many of us go into these particular situations with the thought of already failing. We find it too hard to prioritize what we need because, let’s face it, the holidays and traveling are stressful. We are a time-crunched society and feel that we will never get ahead. So we immediately feel like we can’t keep up. We ditch our workouts and good eating habits because it is the path of least resistance.

I have talked to thousands of people about this. Most of them simply feel that it is too hard to maintain their health during stressful times. Now, I get it. It is hard to stick to your healthy daily habits, but not impossible if you simply make a plan to prioritize what you need to do. It doesn’t have to be hard, and you don’t need to obsess, just invest.

Travel and the holidays aren’t an escape from your everyday life or a departure from reality; imagethey’re an expansion of it. You don’t need to view the holidays and traveling as an excuse to not move and gorge yourself. Just simply do your best to move every day and eat foods that nourish you. If it’s a holiday party, feel free to sample some of the items that look amazing! Don’t choose to eat things that you know you won’t enjoy. Pick what you like and go at it!

If you are traveling, there are so many healthy options these days. Find them and eat a lot of them! If you are in a new town, feel free to sample some of the local goodies. Just choose wisely and stick to the plan I have written below to ensure you get some good stuff in your body as well (my own habits list). For your workouts, just carve out 21-minutes each day. Do whatever you want. If you are in a cool downtown area, go for a fast walk. Most hotels have a gym, so just pop in, put something heavy over your head and move on. No gym and it’s too cold out, do some push-ups, air squats and burpees and call it a day. You can do the same anywhere if you are unable to make it to a gym during the holidays.

The point is not using “too busy” as an excuse!

imagePrioritize movement, prioritize protein and vegetables, prioritize sleep, and prioritize the indulgences that you deeply desire, but don’t obsess over any of it. If you get in a 15-minute hotel gym quickie instead of a 30-60 minute strength session, that’s just fine. If you sample a little “not so healthy” cuisine that’s totally okay as long as you have some protein and veggies too. If you drink copious amounts of wine, don’t worry about it as long as you drink copious amounts of water as well.

You don’t need to completely stray from your daily routine but don’t expect your behavior or your routine to be perfect either. Just stick as closely to your healthy habits as possible without any attachment to outcomes. This is how you come home after a week away and are able to get right back to your daily schedule. This is how you’re able to indulge and not feel guilty or regretful. This is what I do. Trust me, I love food, I love to drink wine, and I eat a ton during the holidays and when I visit a new town. I just simply stick to some daily habits to keep me on track.

Here are some examples of things that help me continue my daily rituals while traveling:

  • I bring along my green food supplementsfish oil, Turmeric, Vitamin D,  BCAA’s, and any other supplements that I need to fill in my nutritional gaps. Just as I do everyday anyway.
  • I drink a TON of water (if I’m drinking soda or coffee, I will drink an extra glass of water per cup).
  • I pack my own snacks. I always have some SFH Grass-fed whey protein powderRX Bars and Fuel For Fire with me.
  • I bring a massage ball and jump rope in my bag, and if I am driving, I have a kettlebell with me. I have the same at home during the holidays to get a quick workout in as well.
  • I plan to workout at the hotel gym each morning for at least 21-minutes. If there is no gym, a bodyweight workout is just fine. If I have a lot to do that day, I go in my basement and swing the bell around a bit, stretch and shower.
  • I adapt where necessary and go with the flow, while still staying as true as possible to my daily habits.

Invest in yourself, don’t obsess. Give yourself some wiggle room and a lot of grace. Stay as close to your routine as possible without trying to control everything. This is what I consider true consistency–the ability to veer off the path a little bit and easily get back on.



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