Lift Heavy Things, Eat The Food: A Simple Guide to Build Muscle

Lift Heavy Things

This is a bit of an introduction for those who are just starting to lift.

The concept of building muscle is simple but not easy. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are endless studies, workout programs, PDF’s, magazine articles, and forum discussions that talk about the various best practices to build muscle. Many times they all have valuable information that is right. 

When comes down to it, you only need to focus on the fundamental movement patterns first (and I didn’t make these up, many professionals I deeply respect state the same message). 

1️⃣Push- push-ups and presses 

2️⃣Pull – pull-ups and rows 

3️⃣Hinge – deadlifts and kettlebell swings 

4️⃣Squat – goblet squats, front squats 

5️⃣Loaded carries – farmers carry or just carry anything heavy for distance or time 

After your progress with the fundamentals by mastering the movement and adding more load over time, you then can add curls, extensions, and other bodybuilding movements. Just get strong on the fundamentals first. 

Eat the Food

As for the eating part, let’s keep this simple, but again, not easy: 

1️⃣ Drink lots of water

2️⃣ Eat 4+ servings of veggies a day

3️⃣ Eat adequate amounts of quality protein 

4️⃣ Eat adequate amounts of non-processed fats 

5️⃣ Eat portions that make sense.  In other words, don’t starve yourself and don’t stuff yourself. The proper amount probably is in between. To build muscle, you will need adequate calories but you also don’t need to gain a bunch of fat during the process. Make sure to adjust according to your goals. 

Lift heavy things, eat the food your body needs. In the end, consistency over the long haul wins! 

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