Low-Fat vs. Low Carb

Low Carbohydrate VS High Carbohydrate Diets

Low-carb or keto diets seem to be all the rage nowadays, but the question is, is it better for fat loss in comparison to a moderate carbohydrate diet or low-fat diet? Many people who go on a keto-diet and restrict carbs, as well as calories end up losing a significant amount of weight and quickly at first but then it starts to slow down. This occurs by depleting water and glycogen stores in our body. So, this means most of the initial weight loss occurring with low carb diets is just water weight.

Studies have shown that if protein and calories matched for each experimental group with varying amounts of fats and carbohydrates, such as low fat, low carb or moderate carb, then weight loss was similar among all groups. This proved that controlling calories and consuming enough protein have the biggest impact on weight loss and that the number of calories coming from fats and carbs did not alter body composition.

However, long term studies showed that when looking at these diets long term and blood work, moderate and higher carbohydrate diets led to better blood work results and reduced metabolic risk factors while low carb diets also led to reduced metabolic risk factors but led to an increase in LDL cholesterol and inflammatory markers.

Fad diets are never a good idea and are typically only sustainable for a short time period. The more we restrict ourselves and our diets the more likely we are to fall off the wagon, lose control and end up gaining back all the weight previously lost or even more.

Everyone is unique and our bodies respond differently to different types of diets, so some of us may do better at reducing our carbs a bit while some may do better consuming higher amounts of carbs. This means that there is no diet more superior than another and that your diet is dependent upon your goals, your body and how likely you are to maintain that style of eating long term.


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