Mama Jess’ FREE 7-Day Veggie Challenge!

Hey there,

So I want to tell you about this awesome challenge coming up that’s doesn’t require any sweat to complete.  At State of Fitness, we will often challenge you to push the sleds, beat your last 500m time, do more  push ups than you thought you could, or even a Holiday Exercise challenge. But let’s face it, we can work our tails off at the gym but still not feel, or look, our best.


Why, WHY, can’t we just work out really hard and eat whatever the heck we want and in turn, look the way we want? If you can do that, then you are either really young, any age but with some amazing genes, or you don’t eat that bad in the first place. We (yep, me too!) cannot out-train a bad diet. Most of the time, in order to be feeling better and looking better, we need to be eating better.

There, I said it. We need to eat better to look better. Better doesn’t mean boring.

»Better means high-quality food.
»Better means choosing wisely on our portion size.
»Better means being prepared.

Better stops those late night pantry raids before they happen. You know the ones I’m talking about. When you come home, have a little bit of the devil in your eyes, stomp in like the Incredible Hulk and rip open the cupboard/fridge/pantry/all of the above and take all as prisoners, nothing left behind. You are ravenous and nothing will conquer your hunger. Hello, lots of calories later and a side of guilt.I get it. I’ve been there. It’s hard.

But let’s make this eating thing not so hard by focusing on some quality VEGETABLES!

Mama always said to eat your veggies, but darn it, IT’S HARD!!!

Whether I am training someone or am in a consultation, I hear that plants are pretty hard to get into people’s diets. I want to help you in that department. Vegetables are such an important part of one’s nutrition, they help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and give you some wonderful vitamins and minerals.

To help you all focus on getting some veggies in your diet, we have a FREE 7-day Veggie Challenge, exclusively on Facebook, starting July 25th! I will be unleashing 14 new recipes that can help you get some of these plants in your diet. While some of these recipes are very veggie- laden, other recipes are not chuck full of veggies and are more of an addition to your other daily vegetables. I know there may be times when you have to go to a brunch or party or whatever and you don’t know what to bring. Then you may make one of these recipes I will be posting and you won’t feel as bad because you know you have some healthy food to put into your body.

The Mama Jess’ Veggie Challenge is a FREE 7-day Facebook event from July 25th to July 31st. I am challenging you to consume 2 fistfuls of vegetables each day! That’s it. Look at your hand and make a fist. You have to get just 2 of those each day in this challenge. For many people, those two fists can be pretty hard to every day. Or you may already be eating 2 fistfuls of veggies each day and you make a goal for yourself to eat 3 or 4 fists, instead. You don’t have to share that information via FB, just encourage others.

This is a personal challenge.

But hey, prizes are fun too, aren’t they?

That being said, to be entered for a FREE MONTH at SOF I need you to post a picture in the FB Veggie Challenge group of some of your veggies for the day.

IMG_0136Each day of the challenge I will share tips, encouragement, recipes and more. You will post delicious recipes and tempting pics to our Facebook group for kitchen inspiration. I also want to hear about your struggles and successes. This is what truly inspires and connects other participants; connection increases success!

It’s much easier to be connected with others with a challenge like this; support is a great tool for success!

Remember TWO fistfuls of veggies per day!
You can do this!

Need help getting your veggies in? Schedule a consultation with Jessica by filling out the form below:[ninja_form id=9]

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