March Workout of the Month

Circuit Training Reinvented 

Hey Everyone!

It is about that time for another Workout of the Month on the Coaches Corner blog. This month I have been experimenting with some fat loss/muscle building circuits that are sure to challenge you. If you follow my “Coach” page, you may have seen me post about some of them. These circuits are not done like the typical circuit training. Instead of using high reps and low weight with minimal rest, we are using heavy weight, or gymnastics moves, with just enough rest to keep the intensity high.

Performing a circuit like this will create what Robb Wolf calls a “hormone cascade”, meaning that since it is some metabolically demanding, your body has no choice but to make some body comp changes through adaptation (eg. fat loss and muscle growth). So if you are looking to make some changes to your physique, read on!

Here is what you need to keep in mind when doing these types of circuits:

  • For a weight training exercise, choose a weight that is tough to complete for 5-8 reps, no lighter.
  • When performing a gymnastic move 9handstand push-ups, ring dips), make sure you have strict form (no kipping), and regress as need. You may also need to add weight since reps will be low in some workouts.
  • Rest as much as you think you need in order to complete the prescribed amount of reps. Usually 60-seconds works for most people.
  • If you are able to continue to workout after you complete the circuits, you didn’t go hard enough.

The Workouts 

I have chosen two of my favorite circuits to share with you to get you started. I would only do two circuits a week anyway, since they are so demanding on the body and nervous system, when done correctly. I would put these at the end of one of your usual workout days if you are looking to kick it up a notch this March for spring break. Do not do them on back to back days. Give yourself at least two days rest between circuits. Remember to limit rest between sets (about 60-seconds), but just enough to keep quality reps.

Circuit #1 

Circuit #2 

3 rounds for time:

  • 5 front squats using 5-rep max (15 HEAVY goblet squats can be a substitute)
  • 5 handstand push-ups (15 push-ups as a substitute)
  • 5 chest to bar chin-ups (8 regular chin-ups or band chin-ups as a substitute)
  • 50 meter sled pull/push with HEAVY, HEAVY weight!

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