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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Allison Thompson


Allison Thompson


Gaylord, MI




Technology Director

What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of SOF?

I love to read! My husband and I really like to try different craft beers and wines, so we can often be found at Horrock’s or a brewery. We also really enjoy traveling and watching movies/Netflix series.

What is one of your favorite books/series?

I love historical fiction. The Kingsbridge Series by Ken Follett is one of my favorites.

What was your favorite concert ever attended?

Garth Brooks. I’ve seen him 3 times in concert and he always puts on an incredible show!

Who’s in your main posse outside of SOF?

Most of my main posse is SOF people! Other than my husband, I hang out a lot with my gym people.

What days/times are you normally at SOF?

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 5:00 am or 5:30 am. Saturdays I try to make the 7:30 conditioning class, but being lazy on my couch with coffee sometimes wins out!

Tell us about your sports and fitness background.

I played soccer and softball in middle school and was a cheerleader in high school. After high school, I really didn’t do much in the way of fitness. In fact, I gained about 40 pounds between high school and graduating from college.

When did you start at SOF? How did you first get exposed to SOF? How did your first couple of workouts go?

I started at SOF four years ago. I was searching for a new gym as the small fitness studio I had been working at was closing. I happened to see a Facebook ad for the 21-day challenge and decided to check it out. That first conditioning class was BRUTAL! I remember thinking I was so in shape and yet, here I was – dying!! I stuck with it through the first couple of weeks even though I was so sore. I really liked the energy and the trainers were so welcoming and knowledgeable.

What is your favorite and least favorite movement/workout?

Favorite exercise is barbell back squats. Least favorite is dumbbell snatch

What impact has SOF had on your life?

Oh, I have no idea where I would be without SOF, honestly! I’ve met some of my best friends here. I am the strongest I’ve ever been, in the best shape of my life, and have become one of those people who LOVES to work out. I seriously thought people who said that were always lying. SOF was there when I was going through some challenging life transitions and knowing that I had a positive place to go with supportive members – and that I could get an awesome workout and walk away feeling better – meant the world to me.

Do you have a favorite SOF moment?

This is a hard one because there are a lot of different favorites for me – hitting PRs, having a workout where I just felt so strong and had a blast… But my favorite SOF moment is from November 2018 when my SOF posse organized a Bachelorette Barbell Bash workout. We did a private session with Kyle S. complete with an inflatable penis, matching t-shirts, and a veil for me. It was so special and so much fun to do one of my favorite things with some of my favorite people. We followed the workout up with donuts and coffee (and maybe a couple of adult beverages).

What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting SOF?

Take that first step and walk in the doors. Give it 21 days. I know it can be super intimidating to walk into a gym, especially if you’re not familiar or used to working out. From day one, everyone at the facility has been so nice – the members, the front desk staff, the trainers – everyone! You will feel so welcomed and supported.

What is keeping you at SOF?

The sense of community and rapport I’ve built with the trainers and members is a huge draw for me. I love that I never feel like I’m on my own at SOF; there is always someone there to say hello, check-in, push me toward my goals, track progress, and celebrate victories. For me, I love the variety of workouts and being able to gain strength and push myself physically all while surrounded by positive and encouraging people.


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