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Hometown. Born in Grand Rapids. Live in Brighton

Age. 62



What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of SOF?

Fishing, reading, hiking, horses, walking my pup Addie.

What is one of your favorite books/series?

Janet Evanovich book series-they make me laugh!

What was your favorite concert ever attended?

The Piano Guys at Red Rocks in Colorado-it was magical!!

Who’s in your main posse outside of SOF?

Friends from where I used to work, best friend in Wisconsin, best friend from where we used to live.

What days/times are you normally at SOF?

Monday/Wednesday am for semi and Tuesday/Thursday for conditioning.

Tell us about your sports and fitness background.

Not much prior to SOF.

When did you start at SOF? How did you first get exposed to SOF? How did your first couple workouts go?

I started at SOF 6 years ago-yikes!  And loved it from my first session!  My daughter suggested I try SOF-she knew Katie Grinnell.

What is your favorite and least favorite movement/workout?

I love everything except dreaded burpees lol. I have never had a workout that I didn’t like.

What impact has SOF had on your life?

SOF has truly changed my life. Being older, my goals are different-I want to be as strong as possible as I get older to combat all of the aging stuff. Thanks to the trainers and SOF attitude, I look at exercise and nutrition as a whole lifestyle to follow. I see so many people kind of give up as they age. SOF helps me work toward being a strong older woman. I can’t thank the trainers enough for their continued encouragement at every workout!

Do you have a favorite SOF moment?

With Jessica’s encouragement, I worked toward being able to deadlift my weight, which was one of my goals. As excited as I was on the day I did it, Jess got very emotional and equally as excited. That, to me, is what SOF is all about. We are all there for the same reasons, but we are all individuals too, and the trainers realize that and help you work to reach your goals, whatever they are.

What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting SOF?

Just do it!  It was truly terrifying for me to walk in the front door the first few times, but after only a short time, SOF became the place that I look forward to going.



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