Monday Motivation- Healthy Habits to start today!

Hey, Everyone!

Since my last two posts on healthy habits, I’ve received many questions about which habits they need to be creating. I thought a post on Sunday would be perfect since Monday seems to be the “reset” button for most of us. If you haven’t read these blogs, you can take a look here: “The Minimum Effective Dose for Fat Loss – One Habit at a Time” and “Start Your New Workout Habits – One Hour at a Time.”

The answer as to “what habits should I create?” is very individual to each person, but it’s always nice to talk through some examples to get the ball rolling. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting examples of how you can create healthy habits. I’ll be posting shopping lists, foods on-the-go, meal plans, workout ideas, and some others to help you brainstorm habits you can create to improve your quality of life.

I won’t be focusing on taking away bad habits so much as I’ll be focusing on creating habitnew healthy habits. I’ve found that people are much more successful at creating healthy habits, as opposed to stopping bad habits. But, remember, it’s all individual.

When choosing healthy habits, there are some guidelines you need to think about:

  • Pick only one at a time;
  • It needs to be small;
  • We need to be able to perform this habit daily;
  • It needs to be easy to understand and measurable;
  • On a scale of 1-10 (1 being no confidence, and 10 being 100% confidence), you need to be at a 9 or 10 that you can accomplish this.

Healthy Habit Ideas 

Below is just a quick list of healthy habits that I have found used with success at different times and often suggest for clients:

  1. Slow down when you eat for better satiety and digestion at each meal
  2. Eliminate potential allergens, such as gluten and dairy each day
  3. Eat three meals per day with NO snacking in between each day
  4. Take 6 grams of fish oil each day
  5. Take Branched Chain Amino Acids before and after a workout
  6. Try intermittent fasting 16/8 method each day
  7. Eat a fistful of veggies at every meal
  8. Eat a palm sized portion of protein at every meal
  9. Take a green food supplement, such as wheatgrass or green food powder
  10. Move for 15 minutes each day
  11. Check your grocery list and plan each day
  12. Sleep at least 6-8 hours each night
  13. Make a super shake each day
  14. Take a Vitamin D supplement each day
  15. Stretch and perform mobility drills for 15 minutes each day
  16. Reduce processed carbohydrates and calorie-containing beverages each day
  17. Drink 60-100 ounces of water daily (depending on activity and body weight) each day

I hope this list gets you thinking about potential healthy habits you can start today. Of course, you are not limited to this list. The habits you want to create or eliminate are up to you. The goal is all the same. Choose one, and make it the ONLY goal for 7-days. work

Keep a look out for my next few blogs, as I create an excellent plan of attack to get you rolling in the right direction.

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