2018 Goals

New Year…New You?

New Year, New You. Well, sort of.

Howdy peeps. I hope all of you had a great holiday season, I know I did.  Looking back, I definitely spent a lot of time relaxing and indulging. It felt good to be a little less restricted than normal, but now the new year is upon us and it’s time to tighten things up. With that being said, did any of you make any New Year resolutions? I did not, that’s actually the reason for this post. I want to talk a little bit about the difference between a progress and a process goal.

First off, the difference.

Just like they sound, a progress goal is a goal that can be measured by some absolute value. I want to lose 10 pounds by beach season is a progress goal, and it is a great goal. It is specific, measurable, and time sensitive. It is a great way to put into words what you would like to achieve. Process goals, on the other hand, are the tiny steps that lead you to your progress goal. They are the tiny habit changes you make that make your dream a reality. I will eat a serving of vegetables with every meal is a process goal. It is a small habit that in the long term will have a huge impact on my progress goal.

Small Changes, Big Progress

Now that we’ve talked about the difference, let’s talk about the reason that I like to focus on the habits instead of the big picture. I know that when I focus on a big goal, my head starts to swim with anticipation a little bit. All the “what if’s” come out of the woodwork and I never really seem to get anywhere. Looking at where you want to be without a plan to get there seems daunting, kind of like looking at retiring if you know you don’t have any money set aside for it. When I focus a little more on the habits I need to change or modify to make my goal a reality, I can see a path laid out in front of me.


Small changes are also easier to make and sustain. Modifying one or two habits a week can lead to an entirely new you in just a few short months and just like losing weight, since it happened slowly and gradually, the likelihood of it being sustainable is far greater than if you just jumped into a whole new lifestyle. Granted, some people have the ability to just completely change everything about themselves, and if that’s you, great. Most of us need to do things a little slower to make them stick.

The Call To Action

What habit changes can you make this new year to help you get to where you want to be? When thinking about these, keep this in mind. These habits should be small, they should be something that you can practice regularly (every day or so), and they should be integrated gradually. The last one is the key. Changing too many things at a time is a recipe for disaster. Focus on maybe one or two things a week.


Happy Fitnessing,



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