The Annette Chronicles

Here at State of Fitness, our adage is: “We Change Lives” and that is just what our team is doing with Annette Tanner.

Annette is a vivacious, charismatic and amazingly joyful person to be around.  But at 5’2” and 364 pounds, her doctor warned her that she would be lucky if she lived even 5 years beyond her current age of 41.  So he recommended she come to State of Fitness, and take a triple-threat approach in her fight against obesity: diet, exercise and a support system.

Realizing that something had to change in her life, she came to State of Fitness back in May and signed up for our trial and quickly made the decision to join.   Upon her first consultation, it was clear that Annette’s goals, along with her health risks, made her an excellent candidate for private training to get her on the right path.

Teaming up with NASM certified personal trainer, Jessica Stewart, Annette began attending Total Body Foundations twice a week along with an hour-long personal training session on the weekends.   As Annette’s strength improves, they will make a plan to break up Annette’s work day behind a desk with strength exercises as well as interval training she can do on her own in the gym.

As for eating, Annette became a vegan back in early spring and is trying to teach herself how to eat “normally”.  “I have to measure everything to teach myself what is a normal portion to eat.  I eat healthy food, but enough for 15 people.”  Her goal is to eat six times a day, every four to six hours, and intake water with every meal and in between meals.

What is so refreshing about Annette is her honesty.  She is not too proud to admit her weaknesses and is excited for all of her victories, no matter how little they may seem.  “I want to do a full work out for one hour without stopping, sitting down or running out of steam,” she would also like working out to be natural and fun again.  She has worked out in the past, but always got burnt out or injured.  This time around, she wants to make exercise a part of her life.

“I want to be able to take breaks at work and use free weights, or sit all day on a stability ball rather than a computer chair.  I just want to move better.  I don’t move right, I want to walk normally with good posture.”

When asked why she wants to participate in our blog and put herself out there she replied, “I want to encourage others to take control of their bodies, and not to give up at 40.   It is terrifying to walk through the door.  My first goal was to just be in a gym, and I want to help other people to start some place.   As scared as I was to even come in, this is a very non-overwhelming environment.  It is comforting to be surrounded by people who know what they are doing and I want to share that.”

With the help of Jessica and the rest of the State of Fitness team, Annette hopes that she will be able to push herself to do things she doesn’t want to do, and things she doesn’t think she can do, and we will be here every step of the way to support her!  Updates to come!

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