One-Pan Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Sweet Potato and Apple Hash

The awful, dreaded, painful clean-up is the excuse I hear often for not wanting to cook. I can completely relate! I do NOT like the clean-up part of cooking, at all! I am very blessed that my husband takes a huge role in cooking with me; he helps with the actual cooking and a lot with the clean up, too. He even said in his vows on our wedding day that he “would help clean up the kitchen after I tornado my way through it” or something to that point. How lucky did I get that he VOWED to help me clean up my messy kitchen for the rest of our lives?! Score.

Well, you know one of my nicknames when I was a kid, don’t you? Messy Jessie. So you can guess how excited Messy Jessie was when this recipe is completely cooked with just one pan! Oh, thank goodness. Enjoy this one-pan skillet of deliciousness that can be good for breakfast or dinner!

To get the whole recipe visit Erin’s blog below and check out her amazing recipes!




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