Pull-Up // Exercise Snapshot

The pull-up is a compound exercise that recruits a large number of muscles in your back, shoulders, and arms. Improve your pull and you will improve your overall upper body strength with one move. This big bang for the buck exercise should be in everyone’s training at some level.


The bar should be at a height where you can hang without your feet touching the floor. While looking straight ahead, grip the bar shoulder width with a thumbless overhand grip.

Contract your lats and envision pulling your shoulders into your back pockets. Pause momentarily in a hollow hang position. Squeeze your legs and feet together.

Squeeze your glutes tight. Inhale as you pull yourself above the bar.

As the bar is passing your face, drive your elbows down and back to reach chest to bar height. Pause at the top momentarily.

Slowly lower to work the negative back down to the hollow hang position.



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