Push Up // State of Fitness Exercise Snapshot

Push-up Description

The push up is an outstanding core-strengthening exercise if done properly. Learning how to do a proper push-up will be a lifelong tool to increase strength, build muscle and burn fat. Best of all you only need is your bodyweight to do it! 




Push-up Steps

  1. Start by lying down on the floor to prep the body
  2. Bring your legs together and tuck your toes
  3. Straighten your legs out and keep them tight
  4. Squeeze your butt and abs
  5. Bring your hands near your armpits
  6. Tuck your chin and pull your head back
  7. Elevate your feet; use Olympic rings, or external weight to increase intensity. To decrease intensity, go on your knees. I will be going over some variations next!
  8. Hold your body tight and push-up!

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