Recipe of the Month: Almond Griddle Cakes with Cranberry Syrup

So let me just start by saying that this girl should not be making anything that involves more than “add water” or “add milk” before 8 in the morning.  Any kitchen confidence I thought I had gained in the past few months was still tucked into bed this morning when I attempted this dish.

I started off by trying to grind the almond slivers in the food processor, mixed those in with the spices and syrup, and began to wonder how this was going to all come together.  My almonds looked more like something I would put atop ice cream or stick to a donut rather than a fine grain.  I had messed up already.  I once saw a hilarious poster that I can firmly relate to that read:

I read recipes like I read science fiction novels; I get to the end and think, “oh, that is never going to happen”.

No truer statement has ever been written.  But, I kept the faith and moved on to the eggs.  The recipe recommends that you whisk the egg whites separately for a “fluffier cake”, but I opted for the time-saver version and in it all went.  I did my best to whisk “gently and briefly” (HA!) and moved my concoction to the pan.  This is when I realized that I was more likely to be making an almond omelette than any sort of cake (and I don’t like and generally don’t eat eggs, so imagine my excitement).

Be very wary when it tells you to cook for 2 minutes on one side.  2 minutes is a very long time in stove time, unless you have your stove set to a very delicate temperature.

I clearly did not…

I tried to be better on the second side and on the second cake, but they were just as tan as the first side, or charred, if you prefer to be technical.

So the finished product: Mine vs. CleanEating’s


Nailed it!

I will tell you one thing, though;  If you ever want your house to smell glorious, just simmer some syrup, cinnamon, and fruit.  That was by far the easiest and most enjoyable part!

But aside from the smokey, ok, burnt, taste and big chunks of almond, this would probably be a great recipe!  Human error.  Blame the chef not the recipe.  I am so glad I didn’t subject anyone to this creation but myself.

For a copy of the full recipe, please go to  Good luck!

Next month, for our green St. Paddy’s theme, we will be trying Parmesan Spinach Cakes!

Happy Leap Day my friends!

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