Recipe of the Month, August: Caramelized Onion Frittata

I have always thought that “Frittata” was Italian for, “unnecessarily hard way to cook eggs”, but I was actually very wrong.  Frittata means, “An open-faced omelet with other ingredients, such as cheese or vegetables, mixed into the eggs rather than used as a filling”.

Don’t say I never taught you anything…

I am actually surprised, because “fritatting” (the verb I just invented which means “to make a frittata”) is very simple!  It is much easier than making omelet in my opinion, but I suppose it depends on your delivery.

This is a very low-maintenance  recipe and very easy to throw together. Without a carnivore around to eat the Italian sausage that it calls for, I opted to use mushrooms instead (also adding some low-fat, shredded mozerella to make up for any lost flavor that the sausage would have added).

I know that some of you are thinking, “wait, she is a vegetarian, yet she eats eggs?”.  Yes, I do.  But only from cage free, well taken care of chickens bought at farmers’ markets or from my friend’s chickens.  Plus we are here to talk about recipes and not food morals, so back to the cooking… (jk)

I followed the recipe just as it is written, except for the substitution of mushrooms, and you might notice from the picture that I used a purple onion.

Look at my old-school casserole dish from the 70’s. Sometimes I feel like my blog should be, “Cooking in the Ghetto”. There is nothing like cooking in a dish and appliance deficient kitchen to make you think more heavily about marriage and registries.

Putting it all together as instructed, I popped it in the oven and waited patiently for my creation to be ready 🙂

Cook up well, little eggs!

I ended up cooking this for 15 minutes because it just didn’t look quite done.  And may I just note that I do not support the “finger poke method”.  You really want me to jam one of my unlucky phalanges into something that has been sitting in a 350 degree box for 15 minutes?  I don’t think so.

I use the “jiggle method”.  It also works with baked goods, but if you jiggle it and there is no movement, 9 times out of 10 it is done in my experience.  Sorry about that 10th.

Looks ok from here…

So, I am an official Frittater (the noun I just made up used to describe one who makes a frittata).  I honestly wasn’t in love with the end product of my concoction, but I bet it is very tasty with the sausage, and I am glad that I now know how to make a frittata and can change things out and try different variations!

You can find the recipe on, and good luck my fellow Frittaters!

I definitely scored low in the “presentation” category. Look at Peyton looking at me like, “that looks awful”. I don’t know where she got her opinionated side from. (Certainly not me.)

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