Recipe of the Month: Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Portobellos

Holy buckets of food love, people.  I have fallen deeply in love with this recipe, AND, both the first and second time I have made it was for company, not just my good-hearted boyfriend.  How about that?  I’m getting daring in this third month.

This recipe has had rave reviews from everyone I have made it for and who has tried it thus far, so I hope you guys enjoy it too!  On an equally as happy note, this recipe has a very low difficulty level (heaven forbid we complicate things).

I was secretly blessed while doing my shopping for this dish because it calls for “4 mushroom caps”, yet Meijer only sells them in packs of 5 that I could find.  Turns out that both times I have made it, I have had enough “stuffing” for 5 or even 6 mushroom caps, just a warning.  Also keep in mind that I am terrible at measuring, so this could be just a user error.  The rest of the shopping list is very straight forward, but I would recommend getting the pitted kalamata olives.  It really makes “finely chopping” them much easier.

There is no step for clearing any stems you may have on your mushroom caps, but I had to do a little trimming to make for a flat surface.  Once the oven was ready to go, I sprinkled salt and pepper over the caps and slid them in there.  You can actually go easy on the salt.  I have found that there is more than enough flavor between the mushroom, olives, and cheeses, but it depends on your taste.  Same goes for the pepper.

My mushrooms were good to go after 20 minutes, but this probably depends on your oven (other tricks I am learning… GET TO KNOW YOUR OVEN AND ITS TEMPERAMENT. *Not temperature.)

20 minutes is just enough time to chop your spinach, shred your Parmesan, chop your olives, and mash it all together.  As far as the marinara sauce, I used the jar kind, but feel free to use which ever kind you would like.

As stated before, I have found that I have plenty of “stuffing” for more than 4 caps, probably up to 6 depending on how you stack it, but after putting the marinara onto the caps I just spoon the mixture on top, sass it up with some more Parmesan, and pop it back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

What comes out is tender, cheesy, hearty, yet healthy goodness.  They are SO good!

Find the entire recipe at

February’s recipe of the month is Almond Grittle Cakes.  I hope my valentine is prepared!

I will be returning to my own photography to compliment my experience next month 🙂

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