Recipe of the Month: Grilled Asparagus and Portabello Mushroom Salad

This recipe started off great due to the fact that I had every single ingredient in my kitchen already!  As much as I love a good adventure to the grocery store, you can’t help but feel instantly accomplished when you already have everything you need (except for the fresh thyme, I used dried…blame it on sheer laziness).

I am also happy to report that this was a very straight-forward, easy recipe!  Except for the grilling part.  When Paul and I moved into our new house, our landlord was nice enough to leave us their grill.  Unfortunately, as soon as Paul opened it to fire it up, he looked at me and said, “God, I hope you’ve had your tetanus shot”, so grilling was out of the question.  Believe it or not though, this shot me right back to my home territory: enter the George Foreman.

(enter church choir singing and heavenly light.  I love me some George Foreman grilling… and oh yeah, I’ve got the super old school version).

After firing up my “grill”, it was a breeze from there!  It is a great recipe because it is easy to manipulate the sauce, this also tugs at my lazy side to just throw some Newman’s Own on there (also a viable option, and how could you not love that face?)

This recipe was right up my alley, and being so straight forward doesn’t really require a step-by-step walk through.  I am just a big fan of anything with asparagus and mushrooms, so I hope that you and your whole family will enjoy it too!  I don’t have kids, but asparagus was always an easy thing for my parents to get my brother and me to eat, because what child wouldn’t want to eat a little tree?

You can find the entire recipe at

I am so excited for this month’s recipe, baked tomatoes with corn, quinoa and green chiles!  Let’s hope I can maintain the structural integrity of a hollow tomato!

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