Stability Ball Core Circuit Video

When I first started out as a trainer in 2001, the exercise ball (also known as a physioball, Yoga ball, Swiss ball, and stability ball), the exercise ball was hot on the scene. Bodybuilding and step aerobics workouts were still in full-strength but “functional” training was hot on the rise.

In recent years the stability ball has lost some of it’s appeal to many fitness professionals and enthusiast. I can understand that since there have been many untrue claims about what the stability ball can offer.

But don’t worry; the deflated exercise ball that you have sitting in your basement still holds a lot of value when it comes to core training. This is where it can be utilized optimally to produce a lot of benefits.

So, if you are looking to improve your core strength to improve performance and keep your lower-back healthy, dust off the exercise ball and give this stability ball core circuit a try.




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