Welcome To The Stadium District!

State of Fitness is moving to the Stadium District of Downtown Lansing! State of Fitness is now ready for its next chapter in its evolution to continue to help change people’s lives through fitness.  They are ready to move into the middle of it all – the Stadium District of Downtown Lansing.  They have teamed up with Gillespie Group to renovate the building that was once home to Stamprite – 154 South Larch Street. This renovated building is part of a mission to build downtown Lansing and help bring fitness to the community.

The past 12 years have been a dream come true for the State of Fitness Family. When they opened their doors in January of 2010, they were so thankful to have the wonderful opportunity to serve the Meridian Township area as the first personal training-centric fitness facility. They are forever grateful to the community for all of their support during our time in East Lansing. They plan to continue to connect with the Meridian Township community for years to come.

State of Fitness is a leading mid-Michigan training facility that specializes in results-based fitness programs, sports performance, and healthy lifestyle guidance; empowering the lives of all who walk through their doors. The move for State of Fitness will involve a lot of changes to help improve its ability to serve its members at a higher level. They will focus on offering private personal training, small group personal training, and sports performance training for any and all fitness levels. All members will have keyless entry privileges between the hours of 4:00 am and 12:00 am for those seeking to work out on their own time.

Owner, Justin Grinnell, is a lifelong resident of Lansing born at Sparrow Hospital. Justin grew up on the west side of Lansing where he attended school at Waverly. He went on to Lansing Community College, became a personal trainer at his hometown gym, graduate from Michigan State University, and continued his career by traveling just miles east of his roots.

“I had many opportunities to pack up and move to other places from the start of my career, but my heart has always been in Lansing. The move is a special one for me and our team. I am very proud and honored to call Lansing my hometown”.

The facility is smaller, but the quality will be improved, Grinnell says. “We have been fortunate to have the guidance of the best designers and contractors in the area to help us design and build our new facility”.

Along with Gillespie Group, a local design company, Pace Howe Design, and many other accomplished contractors, they were able to create a magical fitness facility for the Lansing area. You will notice their tribute to and their appreciation of the history of Lansing throughout the details and décor. Its efficient layout and choice of equipment and innovative approach with its improved technology make it the perfect facility for those looking to improve their fitness in a safe, fun, and comfortable environment.

New location | New features

  • Only 4.5 miles/12-minutes away from current location
  • .5 miles off 496 – In the heart of the Stadium District in Downtown Lansing
  • Right next to the Capital City Market
  • Updated equipment and facility amenities
  • More personalized training sessions and service
  • Improved business model for our employees
  • App based keyless entry
  • Exciting for our entire team and community!
  • And so much more!

21-Day Personal Training Experience​

We believe talk is cheap, and personal experience says it all. That’s why we’re providing a 21-Day Training Experience of everything State of Fitness has to offer for only $79. No flashy gimmicks, no magic pills. We offer the most effective workout programs and highly qualified trainers to help you reach YOUR goals! Learn more about our trial here.

Sports Performance Academy

The State of Fitness Sports Performance Academy is for youth athletes (ages 11-18) looking to improve their overall fitness and performance, reduce the risk of injury, and acquire the fundamentals of strength and conditioning. Our goal is not only to improve the performance of our athletes, but also teach them the skills to be confident, safe, and standout in any weight room they enter. 

Pricing And Memberships

For general questions and inquires please drop us an email using our contact page or connect with us at State of Fitness Facebook. To sign up for a membership, simply select “Sign Up” and you will be directed to our Mindbody site where you can select your membership, start date and proceed with checkout.

State of Fitness Apps

We want to make it easy for you to reach your goals. That’s why we have a set of convenient to use apps to streamline your experience. Including our scheduling app to book sessions with ease, a personalized training app to perfectly tailor your workouts and our newest keyless entry app, Salto KS, to make it effortless to get in. 

Nutritional Guidance & Partnerships​

Looking to clean up your nutritional routine? Ask us about our nutrition consultations.
Our individualized 30-minute consultations focus on you and how to get you living and
feeling your best.


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