State of Fitness: The Microbrewery of Gyms

Since graduating in May of 2015, I get regularly asked if I have a job, where I work, and what I do for a living. I am always proud to say that I am a personal trainer at the wonderful gym, State of Fitness. From there I get a variety of responses from “Oh, that’s what you are doing with your college degree?” to “You JUST work at a gym?” Yes, I work at a gym, but it’s not any ole gym.








The best way I have found to describe State of Fitness is to compare it to beer.

beer varities

State of Fitness is the microbrew of gyms…Lovemygym

Like a craft brewery, SOF is smaller than the large-scale corporations. It is independently owned and its focus is like a small brewery, in that it sets itself apart with a high-quality product. At SOF, we focus on our members and make sure they receive a quality product and have a positive experience at our facility. Large corporations, like Planet Fitness, are similar to Bud Light. The product is sold in bulk and the time and effort are not put in to make a rich and high quality product.

Many people would argue that Bud Light is cheaper and that you get more for your money; in gym lingo, this just means you get more TV’s, ellipticals, and machines. At SOF, we provide you with qualified trainers to coach you on how to improve your health, movement patterns, and strength. So grab some friends and treat yourself to an IPA, because a Hop Slam tastes so much better than a Bud ☺


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