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ig-brian-peshekBrian Peshek






Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor) at Sparrow

What are your interests, hobbies, and talents outside of SOF:

I’m a BIG Michigan Wolverine fan, (BOO MSU!!) Lions and Tigers fan as well. I’ve been told I make a mean cheesecake.

Tell us about your sports and fitness background:

I played a little basketball and threw discus in high school. I started to lift weights seriously as a senior in high school and lifted on and off through college and grad school. I was never a fan of running or anything cardio. I stopped working out when I got into medical school and over the next 9 years of medical school and residency I gained over 40 pounds! (Thank you, Mountain Dew for getting me through training, but you are an evil, evil mistress!) Over the subsequent years after training I would join a gym, workout for 6-12 months and then lose interest with the net effect of there being no progress in my very poor level of fitness.

When did you first start coming to SOF?

May 2015

How did you first get exposed to SOF?

Jeff McGowan is an ER doctor at Sparrow and a member here. He strongly recommended I check it out so I signed up for the 1-month trial membership and have been coming ever since.

brian-p-pic-2How did your first couple workouts go?

The workouts went well. The trainers knew I was just getting back into working out and didn’t try to kill me, but the workouts were still very tough. I had never touched a kettlebell in my life and had never even heard of a Turkish get-up, so I had some learning to do with the swings and get ups. It took a good couple weeks to get comfortable with both of those exercises. I was sore afterward, especially my legs since I hadn’t done a squat in about 10 years but it was a good sore and it felt good to get moving again.

What is your favorite and least favorite movement/workout?

Least favorite-Burpees must have been invented by a sadist. Rear foot elevated (Bulgarian) split squats aren’t much fun either. Favorite- Bench press, Dead Lift, Cleans, pretty much anything that involves lifting heavy weights off the ground.

What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness since starting State of Fitness?

Body- More definition-Hello biceps, triceps, and shoulders, good to see you again!

Health- I have lost about 10-15 pounds overall since starting, but I have added a lot of muscle.

My blood pressure and resting heart rate have improved as well.

Fitness- I’m much stronger in every aspect of my body-arms, legs, chest, and core.

screenWhat impact has SOF had on your life?

Overall I just FEEL better about myself. I look better, I’m stronger, and I have more energy throughout the day. Perhaps more importantly, being a doctor I feel like I’m now walking the walk instead of just talking the talk. Now when I see a patient in the hospital that would clearly benefit from losing some weight and getting on a fitness regimen, I can suggest that to them without sounding like a hypocrite and having them roll their eyes and snicker at me while they point at my tubby gut.

Do you have a favorite SOF moment?

It wasn’t a moment in the gym itself, but this past spring my neighbor had 10 cubic yards of mulch delivered to his driveway and he recruited me and another neighbor to help move the stuff. It involved a whole lot of shoveling into wheelbarrows and not long into it my neighbors were DYING while I was a shoveling machine. If I was doing this a year ago I would have been just like them and I wouldn’t have been able to move my lower back for a week afterward. (Thanks, kettlebell swings!!) It was also fun to give my neighbors a hard time for being so lame, weak, and out of shape!

What is your advice for people just getting started or thinking about starting SOF?

The most important thing I had to determine when I started is “Is it worth it?”, as SOF is clearly much more expensive than other gyms in town. In my cost-benefit analysis it is clearly worth it mainly based on the benefits offered by working with the personal trainers. Those benefits are too numerous to list here, but the trainers are what sealed the deal for me.

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